Your Best Choices of Modern Chair to Buy Right Away

Amidst many furniture items today there are the so-called modern furniture items. Surely chair is one of the most common furniture items that can easily be found in any house. It serves many purposes in which the one having modern design can boost the overall appeal of the décor ...

11 months ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Small yet Spacious Interior Space of Azuchi House

Creating a spacious living space is crucial for any interior decoration project of today. One thing that is not so helpful with that thing is the fact that living spaces today are getting smaller and smaller. Well, it is not that impossible though to create a spacious living space ...

11 months ago Wolfram Schulberg

Living Room

Well Designed Open Floor Living Room with Abundant Lights

Ensuring that an interior space has lots of lights in it is crucial to creating a very bright and airy feel. It is quite essential to do such thing, especially when dealing with tight spaces. Commonly the ultimate solution is to have an open area for several different purposes. ...

11 months ago Regina Grothmann


Back Country House with New Zealand Huts Inspired Décor

Anything can always be the basic idea of designing and building a residential house. Furthermore, it is common today that traditional looking hose from the exterior offers modern and sophisticated furniture in its interior. So, the idea of having a traditional style residential house inspired by New Zealand huts ...

11 months ago Katarina Erdmann


Wall Mounted Writing Desk for Small Working Space

Small space means nothing for those who can deal with that by maximizing the use of a very corner. Within the trend in interior design today many items can be helpful in dealing with tight spaces. Tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, wardrobes and many other things that are commonly needed ...

11 months ago Hilda Abend

Interior Design

An Apartment in London in Luxurious Decoration Style

Luxurious style of décor for any interior is the right choice to bring a high end feel all over the interior space. Just as in any other style of interior décor, the so-called luxurious décor is not so easy to get done properly. Many aspects should be addressed to ...

11 months ago Siegmund Windischmann

Home Decor

D-Light Lighting Fixture that Displays Different Moods

Lighting fixtures for interior spaces are available in so many choices to consider. The main reason is that such item as lighting fixtures can be having multiple functions at the same time. They will serve their main function as a light source for sure. On the other hand, they ...

11 months ago Katarina Erdmann


The Coolest Sofa in Modern Appeal to Buy Today

The sofa is one of the furniture items that should be in any interior. It is commonly placed in the living room to provide comfort and warmth. Within the popularity of modern style decoration, there are modern style sofa designs designed and manufactured by different companies. Those who are ...

11 months ago Albin Neuhaeuser

Interior Design

A Small Tree House Residence with just what it needs

A well-decorated tree house can be so beautiful as well as functional at the same moment. There have been lots of projects regarding tree house that turned out to be awesome at the end. A tree house can always be decorated and treated just the same as a normal ...

11 months ago Monica Himmler

Home Decor

A Pendant Lamp in Highly Industrial Style Named Quattro

Industrial appeal of interior décor has its fans for sure. There are many items of furniture as well as interior decoration in an industrial style that can be purchased today. That fact signifies the need for industrial style items that more and more people prefer to have in their ...

11 months ago Ole Haselrieder