Interior Design

Modern Décor of a Paris Home with Color Splashes and Artworks

Modern décor in any living space does not necessarily plain and less colorful. It is highly possible to add splashes of color in neutral based modern décor for the sake of getting the better appeal of the decoration. There is a rather colorful décor of a modern home in ...

9 hours ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Two-Volume Design of a Houseboat with Lots of Timber

A decent looking house in a two-volume design has an unusual shape. The house is called Houseboat which was done by Mole Architects with its location in southern England. It is close to the sea with the view of Poole harbor to enjoy. The Cambridge based architecture firm has ...

9 hours ago Monica Himmler


Refresh Your Space by Incorporating Bold Upholstery

Freshen up any interior space is a decent way to alter the overall atmosphere within the area. It will not need many efforts, but the result will be satisfying. Many things can be done to do things like that in changing a little interior decoration without having to spend ...

10 hours ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Best Use of Antique Desk in Any Interior Space

The addition of vintage and antique furniture items in any interior will surely add different accent to the décor. That particular thing is considerably popular today. The fact that it is easy to add such vintage and antique items in any décor is amidst the reasons of its popularity ...

10 hours ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

Adding More Interests to Any White-Themed Room Décor

Interior decoration in white is recommended to deal with small space. It helps make s small space look bigger by reflecting the light. Any interior space done in white décor will look so bright and airy while also being timeless. It could be a bit boring at some points, ...

10 hours ago Regina Grothmann


Multi-Purpose Furniture Items for Highly Practical and Functional Spaces

Along the years the trend in term of furniture items has been shifting from large items in the less practical state to smaller pieces in the highly functional state. Well, that matter is affected by the fact that living spaces are getting more and more expensive today. Thus there ...

11 hours ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Designing and Organizing a Decent Playroom for the Kids

A playroom full of toys and everything else that kids love to play with will surely be a nice spot. Creating a decent playroom for kids is not that easy task to do. This is very similar to the idea of creating a beautiful and comfortable baby room. Things ...

11 hours ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

Single Floor Residential House that Combines Stone and Glass

Those who are famous will commonly have unique taste and preference when it comes to their living spaces. Some actors have already known to have decent looking houses while some others may just go quite normal. Either way, a residential house that belongs to Clint Eastwood is considerably unique ...

11 hours ago Regina Grothmann


Highly Functional Modular Latifolia Kitchen to Suit Different Needs

Within the trend of modern décor and design of residential houses, practicality is one of the most crucial matters to pay attention. It means that things are not just looking good anymore. They have to be highly functional in the easiest way possible to use it. Thus many items ...

11 hours ago Siegmund Windischmann

Home Decor

Easy Ways to Incorporate Mother of Pearl in Interior Decoration

A kind of delicate touch in home decoration can be achieved by including a mother of pearls. It is quite cheap which will be so good to use to create a bit of elegant appeal in any decoration of the interior. This thing will there offer such exquisite touch ...

12 hours ago Sophia Horkheimer