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Livelier Your Space with Living Walls

Nowadays, many things are used as decoration to beautify houses and spaces. One of them is living walls. Living walls are very popular at this time to be an idea of honor. Living walls have a magic touch that can add unique style and make your space livelier freshly ...

10 months ago Marvin Reitter

Interior Design

Focal Point to Highlight Your Style

A focal point is an obligation for every room. A focal point can be a great way to make an accent, to make the interior bolder, and highlight the features that you love. Today, I would like to share you some inspiring ideas about focal points that dedicated to ...

10 months ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Owners’ Hobbies as the Inspiration for Designing an Apartment

If we see homes and spaces, they are looked the little bit ordinary and boring like they do not have style and personality. They are usually in the same shape, and nothing makes them unique and anti-mainstream. How can it become outstanding? There nothing that can personalize a house ...

10 months ago Ole Haselrieder

Interior Design

Indoor but Outdoor Hawaii House

Winter is sometimes boring. All we see is just snow and all white. The temperature also occasionally unfriendly and make us miss sunlight. Indulging in tropical island inspiration is what we need in the middle of winter. By imagining the hit of the sun and the wind that slowly ...

10 months ago Sophia Horkheimer


Comfy, History and Modern Comes in the Patricius 1 Chair

Hello pals! Today I would like to talk about a piece of furniture which has a historical background. It is a chair from the golden age of the Roman Empire. Curious, aren’t you? During the time of the golden age of the Roman Empire, give more attention to the ...

10 months ago Regina Grothmann


Maximize Your Coziness with Stockholm Sofa

For you who are looking for a high-quality-warranty cozy sofa, it is the time to give your full attention to Stockholm sofa by IKEA which is an iconic piece that was re-launched in 2017. Filled with high bounciness foam and polyester fibers, the seat and back cushions offer you ...

10 months ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Mid-Century House of an Outstanding Look

If we talk about the beauty of mid-century modern space, it is not only about the trendy retro looks, but also about much coziness. It is not just about how does it look, but also how comfortable it is. This time we are going to share you about the ...

10 months ago Nick Lasch


Elegant and Casual Modular Longueville Landscape Sofa

Hello fellas! It is a good time to share some information about one of the comfy sofas in the world. Have you ever heard about Longueville Landscape couch? The Longueville Landscape sofa firstly come up in 1998 as a classic sofa. It has newly been modified by Jori. Do ...

10 months ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Maximizing the Use of Your Windowsill

Limited space is the most common problem in today’s modern dwellings. Using every single inch of space is a must. An area that usually does not get much attention is a windowsill. We often just put a pot or more and left them without any special treatment. A windowsill, ...

10 months ago Genoveva Hamburger

Interior Design


This contemporary home by Crowell & Co is dyed with the white shade and combined with the smart amount of color accents, some bold elements, and funky abstract art. Want to see that all elegant things? Let’s gather around and have a look! The central space of this contemporary ...

10 months ago Fiona Untermann