Easy Ways to Incorporate Japandi Decoration Style

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New trends are coming each year within the scope of interior decoration. One of the latest trends to find today is the so-called Japandi style decoration. In another word, it is known as Scandinese style. By the name, it involves the formation of Japanese decoration. On the other hand, it brings Scandinavian style together as well. Thus it is a perfect mix of modern rustic style alongside elegant appeal. Surely it is just one of many results of people’s creativity in seeking for fresh new style and charm in decorating the interior. The art of combining two different things is not a new one actually.

In order to get the minimalist yet cozy atmosphere of this Japandi or Scandinese decoration style, understanding the proper ways is necessary. One of the ways is to go for contrasting tones. It is known that Scandinavian style decoration has light mixing characteristic. The Japanese style, on the other hand, can be seen by the use of light colored wood alongside darker ones. It is instead a monochromatic style. Thus by going for contrasting tones will imply the Japanese style and Scandinavian style all along easily. Put just, a combination of black, white and some light colors in small accents will be perfect for this decoration style.

Next idea to understand when going for the Japandi style of interior decoration is to make use of both lines and techniques of furniture. Each style combined in this new manner has its form when producing furniture pieces. Japanese tends to be more elegant and smooth while the Scandinavian method is considered to be more robust and stronger in lines. Going for furniture pieces from both styles and a combination of them in one part will be nice for this form of decoration.

Smaller touches are also needed to get the best of this decoration style. Adding natural elements such as plants and even rocks will significantly increase the atmosphere of Japan style. Meanwhile functionality is at its best within Japanese decoration so it has to be done here. Choosing furniture pieces that offer full feature is essential instead of just going for right looking fragments with fewer functions. So those are some basic ideas and principals in getting the perfect appeal of Japandi interior decoration style. It can quickly be done today in which minimalist appeal is amidst the key factors along with high level of functionality.

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