Cool Ideas of Floating Bedside Tables and Nightstands for Comfy Bedrooms

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The highly comfortable bedroom is important to support one’s daily routine. It should be a place to rest comfortably after a tiring day at work. It should be having all that it is needed for a bedroom aside from just the bed itself. Aside from the bed as the main piece of furniture in a bedroom, bedside tables or nightstands should be there as well. One of the smartest ways in making a cool looking setup in a bedroom is to incorporate floating style bedside tables or nightstands. Surely there will be the needed surfaces next to the bed while there will also be a nice appeal as well.

Those small bedrooms will still be able to get the benefit of using floating shelves to be the bedside tables as well as storage spaces. The shelf could be a long wooden plank against the wall beside the bed. It will give the surface needed to place several things next to the bed while also providing additional storage spaces at the same time. It is low-cost DIY stuff that can easily be done by anyone.

Well, the next idea to get floating storage space and surface next to any bed is box-shaped nightstands. It is considered the next level of the previous idea. It can simply be informed of an open wooden box into the wall to act as nightstand there. The top surface can be the so-called bedside table surface while the inside of the box below the surface will surely be the storage container to store anything. It can be done easily just like the previous idea. It will only need some wooden boards build into an open box then attached to the wall.

The next option is a bit sophisticated since it is the use of nightstands with drawers. This is the ultimate level of the previous ideas for sure. An open wooden box can easily be given a drawer to become a secret storage room. The drawers will surely keep dust away from anything stored inside. An easy thing to get this done is to alter a wooden shelf with drawers to be floating. The legs need to be cut first before attaching it to the wall. Either one of those ideas will be beneficial to any bedroom especially the small one.

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White Bedding Colorful Books Headphone White Vase Light Wooden Floating Box Storage Bedside Table Grey Curtain Wooden Panels Headboard Wall Grey Shade Pendant

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