Interior Design

The Beauty of Mountain House by Studio Razavi Architecture at the Alps

A special type of house build in a mountain environment is called a chalet. Basically, it is built so that people who stay there can enjoy the winters. Well, alongside the many improvements within the scope of chalet building, today a so-called chalet can be so stylish and even ...

21 hours ago Marianne Hausmann

Interior Design

Best Ways to Use Matte Tile in Any Interior Space

Tiles can be considered to be timeless material in the world of interior decoration. Tiles have been incorporated for years in many ways to get the better appeal of any interior. Surely tiles can commonly be found in kitchen or bathroom which is incorporated widely for the function. There ...

4 days ago Erhard Feuerstein

Interior Design

Easy Ideas to Incorporate Tile into Interior Décor

Incorporating glossy tile in decorating certain interior spaces remains to be a smart move. Some people may consider it as an old-fashioned thing, but some others fancy this option of enhancing the décor. Kitchens, bathrooms, showers, entryways and even some exterior terraces could all be the place to add ...

6 days ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Interior Design

Easy Ways to Create an Ultimate Guest Room

A guest room may not always be there in any residential house today due to tight available space. Whenever it is possible to have one, its décor should be given attention as well since it is as important as the decoration of the rest of the house. It may ...

7 days ago Lore Blumenthal

Interior Design

Victorian Style Residential House with Modern Interior Décor

A residential house could be so different in term of its exterior and interior. The exterior could be looking so classic and vintage while the interior may well be highly sophisticated in modern style décor. There is a residential house in the suburb of Melbourne with that particular combination ...

7 days ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

Smart Ways to Add Grandfather’s Clock into Interior Decoration

Classic stuff has been a trend in interior decorating recently. More homeowners love to have classic items in their houses to create a timeless appeal and unique look at the same time. One of the classic items that can be incorporated into any décor easily is the so-called grandfather’s ...

7 days ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

The Classic Rule of 60-30-10 in Interior Decoration

When it comes to interior decoration, many ways can be so helpful in creating a decent décor at the end. Well, there are certain rules as well that will guarantee a nice looking interior when followed. Amidst the classic ways of creating a beautiful interior décor, there is the ...

1 week ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Smart Ways to Use Apothecary Cabinets in Any Interior

Vintage items are so booming in interior decoration today. More and more people love to incorporate old items in their house to bring a rather unique feel all over the décor. Antique furniture items offer many styles and shape that can all be incorporated in almost any décor. Even ...

1 week ago Heine Grau

Interior Design

A 1930 Mansion is Back to Life in Style

The old building can either be restored or altered to bring it back to its use. Some people prefer to restore the old building as close as possible to its original state. Some other people love the idea to alter it and just leaving a bit of the old ...

1 week ago Sophia Horkheimer

Interior Design

Small Nooks Design Ideas for Space Optimization

A house is basically the base of its owner. It should offer anything needed by its owner to do anything. Well, unfortunately some people may not really find that their house is offering what they need. That matter creates a feeling not to go home quickly right after finishing ...

2 weeks ago Adelmar Rommel
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