Multifunctional Furniture Items for Modern Living

Furniture items that could offer more than one function are popular today. Many modern dwellers consider the use of multifunctional items to be highly efficient and beneficial. There will be fewer items needed to be owned that could use more floor spaces in a tight living space of today. ...

5 months ago Erhard Feuerstein


A Unique Set of Furniture to Connects People Using It

Furniture items with unique concepts can easily be found today. The fact that modern decoration style is so popular is one of many reasons that unique furniture items are there within the market. Such unique items will be needed to enhance the look of any space either indoor or ...

5 months ago Anton Ehrlinger


Ergonomic Chair with Beautiful Origami Design and Mechanism

Incorporating unique furniture items will be beneficial in many ways. Surely the uniqueness of the items will enhance the space where they are placed. It can be in term of the function as well as the appeal of the items that is awesome. Within the popularity of modern décor ...

5 months ago Adelar Moritz


Bold Upholstery to Easily Refresh Any Interior Decoration

Freshen up any interior space is a decent way to alter the overall atmosphere within the area. It will not need many efforts but the result will clearly be satisfying. There are many things you can do to do things like that in changing a little interior decoration without ...

5 months ago Wanja Henzler


Perfect Combination of Desk and Cabinet in a Luxurious Appeal

Multifunctional item is always a decent choice in any interior space especially the one in term of the available space. Such items will be able to provide more of the required functionality. It is quite common that a multifunctional item is actually a combination of two different items. Well, ...

5 months ago Monica Himmler


A Multifunctional Furniture Item for Urban Living by Andrea Pallares

More urban dwellers have the attention to multifunctional goods to help them complete their daily routine. It is pretty common with respect to the popular living style of today that people love to have multifunctional items. In fact, the idea of owning and using such items is that there ...

5 months ago Regina Grothmann


Eye-Catching Furniture Items and Décor Ideas Using Velvet

Certain material or element can really be useful in elevating interior space in term of its appeal. Along the years there have always been different materials and elements considered to be the trend in interior décor. Velvet is currently the trend today that can easily be incorporated into an ...

5 months ago Wolfram Schulberg


Stylish Design of Kimono Armchair for Any Space

A seating item will always be needed within any space. Both exterior space and interior space will need proper seating fixtures to be functional. Today there are many creative ideas incorporated into the design and shape of seating items. The actual item can even be inspired by many things ...

5 months ago Anton Ehrlinger


A Collaboration of Hay and IKEA to Present Ypperlig Collection

Popular brands such as IKEA have many of its fans around the globe expecting fresh items of it every time. This collaboration with another brand could be helpful in creating fresh new items for those fans. The so-called Ypperlig collection that features over 30 pieces of products is the ...

5 months ago Emma Honigsberg


Quintessence Furniture Collection of Maria Bubuioc and Mihai Stamati

The high-quality traditional craftsmanship of Romania and Moldova can be seen all over the items within the new furniture collection from Maria Bubuioc and Mihai Stamati. The collection is called Quintessence that incorporates natural materials originated from Moldova and Romania. Those two countries were the home countries of the ...

5 months ago Gregor Wassermann