Wikkelhouse: A Great Holiday Home

A Blue Bed With Blue And Orange Pillows And A White Furry Blanket

An old building that is still strong can be transformed into a wonderful home with some renovations. An old building which has been transformed can be a comfortable home for holiday. Having a holiday home is not a bad idea. If the home is comfortable and very cozy, you can spend your holiday to do so many fun activities in the home. In this time, I am going to talk about a home which is very cozy to spend your holiday. It is called as the Wikkelhouse. Fiction Factory, once a theater scenery company, has extended its design and construction initiative to include this small-scale home. High strength cardboard is used to be the main element of the design structure. The name Wikkelhouse can be loosely translated from Dutch which means ‘wrap house’. Related to the name, during the production process, the house-shaped mold is wrapped with 24 layers of cardboard. Using the same main components in each structure, the design of each home can differ greatly in terms of overall size and individualized features.

The weighs of each house’s segments is only 500 kilos. The light weigh design allows the structure to lay directly on the ground without need a foundation. After the cardboard is wrapped around the 54-square-foot segments, they are transported and set in place where it should be. A waterproof foil become and wood paneling are used for the Wikkelhouse’s exterior as the protection of the internal structure and inhabitants toward varying weather conditions. Since fiction factory is the initial introduction of Wikkelhouse, the company has successfully installed the structure in various different environments, both urban and natural.

Plywood is one of the famous materials which often used in building. So does this house. The inside of the house is fully covered with plywood. It is such a great idea because it can create a very comfort and inviting atmosphere in the spaces. There is a corner where you can feel warm and comfortable. The glazed walls from both sides give in much light and cool views to the space. You can relax yourself and let your problems go away. The special thing of this house is that you can totally use your imagination and creativity to build the interior as you like. You may fill it with many things that you like and the spaces will absolutely perfect for your holiday. Enjoy your holiday home!

An Empty Plywood Space

The Wikkelhouse Looked From Distance

A Blue Bed With Blue And Orange Pillows And A White Furry Blanket

The Whole Glazed Wall With Doors In The Wikkelhouse

The Left Side Of The Wikkelhouse Looked From Outside

The Floating Wikkelhouse

An Open Round Windows

A Hearth Near Wooden Chairs

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