Unique Sinks to Catch Everyone’s Attention Instantly

The Ninna Sink Of Slow Wood Blue Painted Bathroom Vanity Potted Flowers Stainless Steel Tap Wooden Chair

Just a piece of sink can be the focal point of bathroom decoration. There are many options to consider when it comes to the bathroom sink. Many items in different styles can be picked to complete both the look and function of a bathroom. These options are the unique ones to provide a really eye catchy look within any bathroom décor.

Robert Kuo delivers the Fei Tian Wen sink made of bronze. This elliptical vessel sink is inspired by cave drawings of Dunhuang that are absolutely unique to watch. Meanwhile next choice is the Cube sink from Victor Vasiliev made marble and glass. Different setups are available of this particularly unique sink to fit different bathroom décor styles. It can even be considerably invisible since it features transparent glass. Another option is the one known as Foglio designed by Rixardo Antonio for Brascor Countertops. It is made of Corian in a really unique shape that can be a catchy eye addition to any modern bathroom design.

Furthermore, there is the Moso Sandstone vessel sink which is a perfect mix of straight lines alongside curvy striations. It is actually softer in comparison to either granite or marble in which there are several other items offered by Stone Forest as well under the same group. There is another catchy eye sink in such unusual design by Penta. It features visual formations of fluid with reliable and clear materials combined out of Dupont Corian and chroma. Overall it looks really nice. Meanwhile, there is the Un Lavobos designed by Gwenole Gasnier which is said to be able to adapt to everyone. It means that either adults or children can easily use it. Terra Acqua delivers the one called Queen Stone Sink cut from a single piece of rock. That makes it unique in term of its character and shape.

Julia Kononenko is a famous designer in which Water Map sink is one of many pieces from her. It is made of wood as inspired be central London streets map. It looks like a kind of topographic map where water will flow through channels there. Olympia Ceramica of Italy offers the Metamorfosi in its top-notch quality. It is offered in five colors as well as five shapes to complete any bathroom décor style. Ne last option to consider is Ninna of Slow Wood made of hand turned larch wood. Incredible quality of craftsmanship is definitely there to enjoy.

The Ninna Sink Of Slow Wood Blue Painted Bathroom Vanity Potted Flowers Stainless Steel Tap Wooden Chair

The Metamorfosi Colorful Sinks Of Olympia Ceramica Stainless Steel Tap

The Foglio White Sink Of Ricardo Antonio For Brascor Countertops Wooden Floating Vanity Stainless Steel Faucet

The Fei Tian Wen Bronze Sink Of Obert Kuo Carved Finish

The Cube Sink Of Victor Vasiliev Wall Mounted Clear Glass Sink

The Queen Stone Sink Of Terra Acqua Single Unique Piece Stone Sink

The Moso Sandstone Sink Of Stone Forest Wooden Vanity Vintage Faucets

The Unique Dupont Corian And Chroma Sink Of Penta Stainless Steel Tap

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