Unique Lighting Collection by Hugo Tejada named Organica for Modern Spaces

Nearly Round Design Of The Organica Lighting Collection By Hugo Tejada White Painted Rough Brick Wall

Modern dwellings are commonly associated with uniqueness in many ways. The fact that modern houses have a calm and minimalist appeal means that anything placed there should be unique to catch the attention of anyone inside the space. Well, today there have been many great items in such unique design to be used in enhancing modern areas. When it comes to such thing lighting fixture is amidst the most popular section to be customized in a wide array of design ideas. Well, this one collection of lighting fixtures from Hugo Tejada named Organica is one of the latest options of unique lights to have.

This so-called Organica lighting collection is inspired by nature in which cavities and marine rocks are the main design elements there. Overall it is unique although it is not too much to be too eye-catchy in a modern space especially. It will be a decent set of lighting solution with that somewhat timeless design. It will serve its function in its practical aspect while also providing just the needed boost for the overall décor appeal of any room where it is placed.

The unique aspect of this lighting collection is its irregular shapes along with fluid design lines. Marine elements resemblance can be seen there in such complex structures in the design of this lighting collection. That unique design lines were created by using new technology so that it seamless in term of its design lines. Meanwhile, the light sources of this collection of lights are using different bulbs to deliver the proper lighting according to the use of the lamps and the placement of them.

Within the actual finished products, there is a kind of contrasting effect of light and shadow altogether. The exterior is the one to reflect the surrounding area where the light is placed. Meanwhile, the inside or the interior of the light has the light part of the entire elements of this lighting fixture. The light produced by the bulb will come out of seemingly randomly placed holes all over the body of the fire. This Organica lighting collection by Hugo Tejada is a definite piece for a modern space in such minimalist looking finish. The eye-catchy characteristic of its lines of fluid design is the key feature to highlight that will be able to enhance any modern space where it is placed.

The Organica Lighting Collection By Hugo Tejada Rounded Pendant Lamps With Holes In White Finish Rough Cocrete Wall Wooden Flooring Metal Chair Dark Grey Cushion

Nearly Round Design Of The Organica Lighting Collection By Hugo Tejada White Painted Rough Brick Wall

White Finished Pendant Of The Organica Lighting Collection Irregular Lines And Cutouts Unique Design White Painted Rough Brick Wall

Shiny Flooring Rough White Finished Brick Wall The Organica Lighting Collection By Hugo Tejada In Different Sizes

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