Unique Apartment Design Featuring the Beauty of Unfinished Elements

Wooden Flooring Air Conditioner Wooden Dining Table Wooden Dining Chairs Grey Floating Bench White Pillows Grey Shade Pendant Ceiling Light

Any space of living will always be unique in many ways depending on the owners of the space. Every homeowner will have their taste and preference in creating their ultimate living space. Commonly artist will be incorporating their creativity into the design and décor of their houses so that the result could be jaw-dropping. Some artists could even deliver unique aesthetical beauty out of uncommon things that no one would have imagined before. A decent example of that matter is an apartment of two young artists showcasing unfinished aesthetics all over it. The area has only 70-square-meter space in a kind of high-rise block with Tai Wai city as its main view to enjoy.

The project in creating their ultimate living space was given to MNB Design Studio that has been so great in realizing their visions regarding sculptural aspects of the apartment itself. Untreated or unfinished materials like plywood and concrete can be seen within the décor that delivers unique appeal. Right on the wall of the apartment, there is a highly unique and appealing feature as the spine of the apartment itself. It is made of horizontal wooden strips as shelves along with vertical strip as space divider as well as door handles. Overall that feature is really beautiful to be in an apartment like this one.

There the kitchen and concealed storage area are right behind the central wall of the apartment covered up by sliding doors to save space when opening the doors. The living room is on a very open floor with a cozy lounge in it and the dining room incorporated into it is also close to the kitchen area. The wooden structure I house shape is there framing the dining area to create a kind of visual separation from the rest of the areas inside this small apartment.

Furthermore, inside the master bedroom, there is a wooden platform in a raised state as the place for the bed. The raised wooden platform incorporates storage space though while there is a built-in wardrobe as well to create a clean look free of clutter in it. Basically, in the bedroom, there is nothing else in term of the décor so that space is so peaceful to have a rest every day while enjoying the view outside. MNB Design Studio has done a wonderful project in creating an ultimate apartment with unique elements of unfinished materials to enjoy along its practicality.

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Wooden Flooring Air Conditioner Wooden Dining Table Wooden Dining Chairs Grey Floating Bench White Pillows Grey Shade Pendant Ceiling Light

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