Unique and Playful Collection of Furniture for Compact Homes by Lanzavecchia + Wai Duo

Wooden Comfy Sofa Small Grey Round Side Attached Table Blue Upholstered Cushions

The so-called PLAYplay collection of furniture has been released by the design duo of Lanzavecchia + Wai previously. Yet it has been renewed and refreshed lately to be even better than the initial release. Well, the basic idea of this uniquely named furniture collection is to fit the needs of homeowners of compact homes in modern finish. In short the entire items within the collection are playful, versatile, and comfortable. The new re edition version is going to be more versatile with lightweight characteristic. At glance the design of the items resembles moving objects.

There is a shelving unit included in the collection that features orange and red parts creating pretty decent appearance of it. The so-called collided and coalesced effect is further enhanced by contrasting wood grain finish and the bold colors there. Another decent piece is a media console featuring just the same style as the shelving itself. It looks as if it is a standard wooden table placed on top of a bold yellow finished one. Each one of those items is nothing but unique and appealing, right?

Moreover the one included in this re edition version of the PLAYplay collection is a piece of cabinet finished in bright striped accents in colors. It looks pretty similar to a piece of console with lenticular pattern included in the first edition of the PLAYplay collection itself. Metal piping in lightweight characteristic is there around the cabinet for more unique accent to enjoy. Other pieces in form of a desk designed in a pretty similar way as this cabinet. There are tubular details finishing a pair of desks in this re edition collection. Wooden tabletop is there over bright colored legs that extend at the back of it. Furthermore the railing seems to do the lifting of the wooden volumes with round corners.

Moreover there is even a sofa with a pretty small attached table that could hold a smartphone or another small gadget. In term of practicality aspect surely the items in the re edition of PLAYplay collection are all highly functional in many ways. That is amidst the most crucial factor of the furniture items that make them really perfect for compact modern space. Meanwhile the colorful finishes of the items can really be beneficial in sprucing up modern décor in the calmest appeal possible. Surprisingly it may well be looking good in any other style of decoration though.

Wooden Console Desk Natural Wood Finish Bold Yellow Accent Decorative White Pineapples

Playplay Re Edition Furniture Collection Natural Wood Finishes Bold Color Accents Shelving Unit Desks Sofa Storage Units

Shelving Unit Open Shelving Design Natural Wooden Finishes Bold Pink And Orange Accents

Wooden Comfy Sofa Small Grey Round Side Attached Table Blue Upholstered Cushions

Wooden Storage Unit Colored Striped Accents Metal Exterior Tubing Natural Wooden Finish

Wooden Desks Colorful Tubular Metal Legs

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