Three Levels of an Apartment in New York

White Curtains Leather Bag Wood Floor Stairs Flowers Purple Comfy Chair Sculptural Glass Pendant Light Round Wood Tables Grey Sofa

An apartment can always be looking great regardless of how the interior is decorated and designed. It could be having different levels of a perfect unity and harmony just as the one in New York. It is the UWS Apartment that is there on the first floor of an old condo conversion. The original building dated back to the year of 1970 so that it really needs fresh touches. Stadt Architecture does the renovation by incorporating smart ways in decorating the interior. The outcome is a totally flowing interior décor of this apartment right at the Upper West Side of New York.

Old brick walls have been kept in the apartment along with white cabinets, walnut flooring, and some purple finished furniture inside. Those things are sure amidst the clever ways of creating the flowing décor plan of this apartment. Overall this apartment is done in neutral shades with creamy and grey accents as well as bold purple just a little bit. The result is a highly enjoyable interior without a dull atmosphere at all due to the purple pop in some areas.

The dining room, as well as the kitchen, can be found in the lowest spot accompanied by steps directed to the lounge. Meanwhile, there is a mezzanine level just above that houses bathroom and bedroom altogether. Cohesion is intended to be there by Stadt Architecture to get a flowing décor and design of the interior. Walnut furniture, as well as flooring, is there along with a breakfast bar to help to create the flow of such separated levels of this apartment interior and promoting an inviting atmosphere.

The lounge walls house a long set of cabinets in open shelving design with purple accents. Neutral finishes can be seen there along the lounge that offers an L-shaped sofa as well as lightweight curtains and pendant light. The bathroom and the bedroom can be considered to be larger than it was calculated. It really is a smart way to maximize the space by placing those two areas in a mezzanine level. The bed base has its built-in storage space so that it will give the needed storage spaces to avoid clutter problem. The bathroom is finished in graphic grey and white combination that looks just nice. This so-called UES Apartment is a decent example of how tight space can be maximized with a smart idea of separate levels.

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White Curtains Leather Bag Wood Floor Stairs Flowers Purple Comfy Chair Sculptural Glass Pendant Light Round Wood Tables Grey Sofa

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