The Truss House in Industrial Theme with Bricks and Woods

White Chairs Brick Flooring Greenery Glazed Walls Grey Tile Wall Covering

Keeping old elements of an old building upon its renovation could often bring a decent result once the renovation is finished. It is exactly the thing to be found in the so-called truss House in Sydney. It has a kind of industrial flair of its past in which it is kept to be there along the way of its renovation project. The project was done by Carterwilliamson Architects combining the old elements and new features within its interior space. Obviously the result is a decent looking décor with bricks and woods all over the space. Roof trusses are amidst the elements from its past kept in it today so that it has the name of Truss House. In short that particular way of incorporating the old elements of this house created a kind of pitched roof with its exposed structure delivering a decent character to its interior décor.

Meanwhile in term of the interior space this house is considered to be a perfect mix of traditional and modern accents with both private and public spaces inside. The so-called private spaces are on the second level while the public areas are in the first floor starting out at the entryway. Aside of the interior space it offers a set of decent outdoor spaces in both its front and back. As a matter of fact there is even a courtyard in the middle of the house in small size yet looks pretty perfect amidst the interior space around it. That really is a smart way to bring the outdoor area closer to the indoor area.

Aside of the trusses there are brick walls as other recycled parts from the old version of this house. The brick walls can be clearly seen alongside warm woods and metal details inside the house. Overall it really is a decent industrial mix of those different elements. Concrete floors are there as well alongside corrugated sheeting of the roof to complete the industrial appeal of this house from the top to the bottom. It has its main private area in the bedroom that makes use of higher placement of the windows as well as wood shutters in pivoting mechanism. Even the kitchen of this house looks great with that rough exposed brick wall alongside white furniture items. Overall the decoration of this so-called Truss House including its exterior appeal is highly inspirational to even be copied and incorporated in other spaces.

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White Chairs Brick Flooring Greenery Glazed Walls Grey Tile Wall Covering

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