The Seven-Storey Townhouse

A Laundry Zone With Some White Storages And A Sink In Emerald And White Top

Hello fellas! Are you ready for the next topic? This time, I would like to share you a residence that will amaze you. It is called as seven-story. Seven-storey house comes from London. The total surface of this residence is 325 square meters, and LLI Design renovated it. Wanna see this? Let’s check it out!

The owners wanted to do a complete transformation of the house. They wanted a contemporary style with a colorful and practical character. Such an idea is great. By having a bright and functional role in the house, the feel of cold and impersonal in the spaces can be avoided. As the hobby of the owners that they had an extensive collection of vintage posters, you may see that collection in the many areas inside the house. It brings a chic feel to the home.

There are some spatial layouts in the house. The layout has been created to give home a more natural flow. Not only that, but it can also improve the relationship between different spaces as a wall as between floors. There is a particular part of the house. The ground floor of this house is a home office. Such a space can also be turned into a guest room or an area for study. The house has a lovely accent wall that is covered by write-in wipe-off wallpaper. The space in this house is used as smart and functional. Still, in the same ground, there is a bright shoe storage nook which will be very helpful. This angle is placed on the stairs of the lower chamber. It is a brilliant idea in the used of the area. In the first floor, you may see a new kitchen with a dining space that is completed with an entryway to a terrace and a garden.

A bedroom is crucial in a house. It is private and should be very relaxing. If you go to the fourth floor of the houses, you may see two bedrooms with en-suites. Since the two bedrooms were designed for the kids, there are many interesting things inside. There are a bunch of cool features like comfy nooks and hiding spaces inside the furniture that can be a great area to play. The furniture is done in bright color, and there are many stylish decorative elements.

The master bedroom is located on the fifth floor. In the fifth floor, there is a smaller sleeping area because a dressing room extension is added in the continuation of the en-suite bathroom.

A Hidden Shelf Full Of White Shoes Under The Staircase

A Wooden Dining Table With Some Herbs On It Paired With Grey Chairs And Sofa

A With Counter Bar With White Stools And Some Bowls Of Fruits On It

A Woman Is Reading In The Hidden Reading Corner In The Red Cabinet

A Woman Is Reading In The Hidden Reading Corner With Some Colorful Cushions Inside

A Look Of A Bathroom And A Dressing Room With White Shades

A Laundry Zone With Some White Storages And A Sink In Emerald And White Top

A Corner Consists Of An Artwork Hanging On The Wall Over A Fireplace, A Daybed With Cushions, And A Large Shelf Full Of Vases And Ornaments

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