The Piano Coat Rack for Tiny Spaces

A Cloth Hanging In The Piano Coat Rack In The Wall

The weather on the outside is not always warm and friendly. It can be sweltering and freezing. In winter where the temperature penetrates into your skin, wearing comfortable clothes will help keep you warm. Therefore, having a comfy clothes racks and shelves in your entryway is necessary to pull over your clothes.

Room deficiencies are a serious problem right now. Many people have an only small dwelling. For you who have only small areas but still want to have clothes rack or shelf, you better be do not worry because we have the solution. The Luminaire Piano Coat Rack is the solution for you. Its simple design with only 4ft x 3ft in size really answer your need for a clothes rack for your small spaces.

Patrick Seha designs the Piano Coat Rack Seha. It is designed to look like a piece of a wood hanging on the wall. It can be turned into a series of hooks that will help you to hang your clothes, coats, bags, hats, umbrellas, and many others. A piece of Piano Coat Rack consists of up to 48 hooks. It gives you enough space to hang your items for entire house party worth of guests. Since it can be turned into a series, you can imagine how many hooks that will give you spaces for so many hanging items. Amazing, isn’t it?

This kind of coat rack is not painted in many colors, but it comes in its natural shades of wood. To bring a chic wooden sculptural element in your decoration, what you need to do is just close the hooks. The Piano Coat Rack is smartly designed to not only useful and functional but also can be a beautiful home decor. Such a wonderful item!

The Piano Coat Racks are available in small and large size. You can choose a proper format that suits your space. Such pieces can be made of beech, oak, or walnut. You may go for the right one to fulfill your aesthetic needs. You can attach the Piano Coat Rack everywhere. You can just place it on the floor. For you who have a tiny space and want to save some areas, attaching it to the wall is a good idea that help you to make it real. Having this item is a great idea that will not make you disappointed.

The Black And White Piano Coat Racks On The Wall With A Bag And A Rope Hanging On The White

A Cloth Hanging In The Piano Coat Rack In The Wall

A Woman Touches The Top Of A Wooden Rack On The Wall

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