The Locus Solus Outdoor Lounger with Large Wheels

The Locus Solus Lounger Metal Tube Frame Large Wheels Tube Shaped Headrest Orange Juice Hat Book Potted Plant Concrete Fencing Ocean View

The unique design of furniture is a must today to attract more and more people to use it. Therefore many designers and furniture manufacturers have been trying so hard to get as creative as possible in delivering the unique piece of furniture to offer. Surely the matter of function is the one that should not be compromised upon having a unique design. Even outdoor loungers of today are available in so many choices some of which are pretty unique to watch. This one called Locus Solus is one of many options of unique outdoor loungers with such ultimate functionality to get along the way of its use.

This piece of outdoor lounger is the refreshed edition of its previous version. This new version features a modern design in the fresh finish and bold fabric covering. That way it looks way much better in outdoor space. Furthermore, this refreshed collection consists of several items in which the outdoor lounger is just one of them. There are tables, lamps, seats, as well as sunbeds with the same scope of design and finish. It was created by Gae Aulenti in which this fresh version is a reproduction by Exteta.

The Locus Solus outdoor lounger comes with such expressive color possibility to cover the tubular metal frame as its base construction. The finished colors are all bold that include lemon yellow, orange, eggplant and pistachio green. Furthermore, the build of this outdoor lounge is a decent one with curvy lines all along its shape. That kind of construction leads to a high level of comfort when being used to enjoy the vibe of outdoor space at any time. The coverings are all easily removable so that they can be cleaned whenever needed. Overall the entire design of this Locus Solus outdoor lounger can even be a focal point in any outdoor space especially those in the somewhat neutral finish.

Another decent thing about the Locus Solus lounger is the fact that there are large wheels on both sides of it. The big set of wheels is colored in the same shade as the metal frame of the lounger to add more vibrant appeal into the lounger. Moreover, the wheels are inevitably going to be making it easier to be moved whenever needed. The rest of the things within the collection are also pretty eye-catchy to be placed alongside the lounger to complete any outdoor space.

The Locus Solus Outdoor Lounger In White Tubular Metal Frame Blue Cushions Metal Circular Tray Wooden Decking Infinity Pool Ocean View

The Locus Solus Lounger Metal Tube Frame Large Wheels Tube Shaped Headrest Orange Juice Hat Book Potted Plant Concrete Fencing Ocean View

The Bold Yellow Locus Solus Lounger With Patterned Cushion Cover Alongside Matching Tables And Chairs

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