The Classic Rule of 60-30-10 in Interior Decoration

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When it comes to interior decoration, many ways can be so helpful in creating a decent décor at the end. Well, there are certain rules as well that will guarantee a nice looking interior when followed. Amidst the classic ways of creating a beautiful interior décor, there is the so-called 60-30-10 rule. This particular rule is said to be the perfectly timeless formula that leads to a beautiful décor. Any style of interior décor, as well as any color scheme of the décor, will be fine in using this classic formula for a harmonious look of the décor.

This classic rule of interior décor is about a perfect harmony of 3 different colors in any interior. The 60% of the color scheme in any décor should be the main color. It should be taking more than half of the interior area. Surely this is the so-called blank canvas of the decoration. The easiest way is to go for the walls for this main color. It does not necessarily to be the walls though. It is advisable to go with neutral colors for this 60% tone of the décor. On the other hand when it is not in neutral colors, then the rest of the décor should have neutral finishes.

The 30% of the color scheme is the additional color of the entire interior. When the 60% is the color for the walls, then the 30% can be the furniture items within the interior area. Surely it can be in bolder tones and brighter colors that match the basic neutral tone of the décor. Those who love to have contrasting effect on their interior décor can surely think about the right colors for their sofa, chairs, tables, or even cabinets.

The last thing of this classic interior decoration rule is the 10%. It is the accent to be added to the décor. It is common in the form of small decorative items which could be of any color and shade. It is pretty much like the icing on a cake. It can be in the form of rug, pillow, table lamp, or even artworks. The look of small items in 10% color out of the entire décor will boost the beauty of the décor. An example of the perfect décor in this rule may include white walls, grey furniture items and red accents in several small items that look so beautiful at the end.

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