Steampunk for Christmas Decor

A Pink Bauble With Beads And Gears Used As A Christmas Tree Ornament

Wanna make something different and unusual for your Christmas? Choosing the steampunk decor theme can be a great idea. Steampunk is very popular in the last years, and now it is widely used as a home decor or event decor. This is a nice idea to try if you want to grab everyone’s attention through your Christmas decor. Here some ideas for you. Enjoy!

Steampunk Christmas Tree Ornaments

A Christmas tree is really needed as a Christmas decoration, and it should be properly decorated to make a beautiful statement in your space. Steampunk ornaments are really helpful to make your Christmas tree outstanding. Making such a piece is not easy, but still, there are a lot of tutorials that can be tried. Metal ornaments with gears, grommets, and other stuff are a nice idea for a steampunk Christmas to be more chic, although they are a bit heavy. To avoid the heavy, you can reverse them with leather and felt ornaments showing gears, with chains, vintage keys, gears and other stuff you like. If you do not like to make things difficult, you can use ordinary knickknacks and paint some teeth on it using glitter or just go to the store to buy ready made ones as the easiest way.

Steampunk Christmas Tree Toppers

A Christmas tree topper is crucial for every tree. It is also crucial for a steampunk one. Make it in the style and you it will be amazing. You can choose a hat with a vintage pocket watch, a snowflake tooth hat made by yourself or perhaps a crazy metal star toppers with all kinds of steampunk detailing to your taste.

Steampunk Christmas Wreaths

At Christmas, hanging bouquets on the front door is a duty. Not only for the front door, but also for the staircase and window decor. Therefore, make the cool steampunk wreath for your extraordinary Christmas! These can be made from wreaths that are coated metal or dressing gear, with various vintage keys, grommets, nails, top hats, and even small robots. Feel free to make it, but it should be fit the style of yours and it can grab everyone’s attention by its details.

Other Decor Ideas

Making all the decor in steampunk style might be a nice idea for you. If you want some socks, you can hang large woolen socks (as if for an elf guy) and decorate them with pocket watches or teeth. Make sure that these are not your usual faux fur or knit stockings, but these are really steampunk ones! Another idea is creating Christmas tree art pieces of various metal details and gears in order to add a tree to every space. Adding a unique steampunk Christmas tree made of top hats, clocks and stuff like that will be great.

A Wreath Full Of Gears

A Christmas Tree Made From Clocks, Gears, Keys, And Other Things

A Wreath Made From Gears

A Snowflake With Gear Ornament

Two Patina Metal Snowflakes

A Hat Tree Topper For A Steampunk Ornament

Baubles With Gear For A Christmas Tree Ornament

A Pocket Watch With Gear Used As A Christmas Tree Ornament

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