Smart Design of Metal Botanical Planter

Metal Botanical Planter In Different Shapes And Colors White Shades Hanging Lamps

Adding a touch of nature or more in any decoration is always a nice idea. It will easily refresh the overall look of the area as well as refresh the atmosphere. Furthermore it is actually easy to don in which so many options of planter, pot and vase can be chosen accordingly. Many homeowners today even prefer to have their homes decorated in nature inspired decoration style with many plants, flowers and greeneries inside.

A designed named Helen Kontouris has taken the idea of adding greeneries in any interior decoration into the next level. She has created a nice addition to any interior that will be perfect to place greeneries while also offering another decent function. The collection of botanical planter screens designed by Helen Kontouris comes in several options that can all be used to add greeneries in any interior. The planter has its function as a self-watering planter pot so that there is no need to worry about the greeneries getting dried and ugly. The planter can be used as a single planter or in groups to create a different look of greenery wall.

Furthermore within the collection of the planters there are several different models to choose. There is the so-called Acacia model in its squared and angled design resembling a tree. It will allow any plant placed there to climb to its trunk and then expand all across its branches. The next type is the one named Banksia in which it resembles the cylindrical shape of Banksia flower. Another type is Wattle which is a rounded square shape of the planter in organic curves. It has its own variation called Waratah which is more of a utilitarian option.

Stainless steel frames construct the planters where plants and greeneries can climb all over them to form a thick wall of greenery. The modularity design of lightweight aluminum makes the planters easy to deal with when trying to place them in any interior. There are hidden wheels as well in purpose of making it even easier to move along the interior where they should be placed. The different shapes of each type of the planters make it pretty easy to work with any style of interior decoration. It can be placed either inside or outside any residential house even with tight spaces to get refreshed with greeneries. Helen Kontouris has done a clever project in designing the botanical planters in various shapes.

Waratah Metal Botanical Planter Black Rectangular Base Plants Greeneries

Metal Botanical Planter In Different Shapes And Colors White Shades Hanging Lamps

Banksia Metal Botanical Planter Rounded Shape Frame Black Tube Base Greeneries Plants

Empty Wattle Metal Botanical Planter Greeneries Plant

Greenery Wall Acacia Metal Botanical Planter Greeneries Black Base

Empty Acacia Metal Botanical Planter White Shade Hanging Lamps Green Sofa Greenery Wall Room Divider

Greeneries Metal Botanical Planters White Shades Hanging Lamps

Greenery Wall Waratah Metal Botanical Planter Plants

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