Home Decor

Dynamic and Modern Design of Ballet Wall Lamp by Arturo Alvarez

Modern lighting fixtures have been widely known to be pretty unique and dynamic at the same time. The main function of the thing itself remains the same or even better. The single aspect of modern things may not necessarily be the shape and design but also the material. Uncommon ...

2 years ago Ole Haselrieder


Practical Use of L-Shaped Benches in Any Outdoor Space

Specific items may well be better than the others in different areas when it comes to furniture pieces. Outdoor space will need a different set of furniture items compared to interior spaces. Moreover, when space is slightly tight, practical reasons should be there in the first considerations to make. ...

2 years ago Monica Himmler

Interior Design

Perfect Mix of Glam and Lux in a Nordic Apartment Interior Decor

A highly creative person named Petra Tungarden designed her apartment to look impressive. The basic style of decoration is Nordic style although there are some twists to enjoy within the interior. Being a Metro fashion and home editor, a stylist, blogger and entrepreneur mean that she has the creativity ...

2 years ago Adelmar Rommel


Cork and Metal Mix in a Beauty of Natura Stove

An indoor stove can never be this good as the one called Natura Stove. It is a piece of item that will quickly bring chic and cozy feel in any interior space. It can even boost the comfort level of any area because it is a wood burning stove ...

2 years ago Marianne Hausmann


Whimsical Furniture Items Design for Kids by Circu to Bring Dreams into Reality

Bringing dreams into reality is the ultimate idea of Circu within the many creative ideas and designs regarding furniture items for kids. There are many options for furniture items for kids from Circu unlike anything else that kids will love to have and to use it for a long ...

2 years ago Franziska Breslauer


Unique and Comfortable House with Stone Fencing and Amazing Views of Pacific Ocean

There is no limit in designing a house that can be so unique in term of its appearance while pretty comfortable to live. Various materials can always be incorporated in the construction process to be able to deliver a great result at the end. The Creat+Think Design Studio of ...

2 years ago Marlis Wendland


The Pack Sofa from Edra Features a Cozy Bear Back

A sofa is a furniture item that should be able to deliver the highest level of comfort upon its use. Concerning that matter, there have been many creative ideas and ways done by designers and manufacturers to be able to provide the ultimate comfort level of their sofas. Sometimes ...

2 years ago Max Schott


Cool Media Consoles and Cabinets in Modern Style

Adding a media console or cabinet in a living room or any space will enhance the overall décor of that area. It is useful to place TV mainly as well as some decorative items and collectibles, right? Overall it will improve that particular area where it is set especially ...

2 years ago Nick Lasch

Interior Design

Modern House Made of Concrete and Wood named House Carrara

Concrete is a standard material to be used in house construction in some places. The actual finish may not be necessarily concrete though. Surprisingly concrete can be highly appealing in the form of finish for any living space. It may well be considered as an industrial appeal by going ...

2 years ago Ole Haselrieder


An Armchair with Storage from Bla Station Named Pocket

A multifunctional piece of furniture is a hot trend today. More and more homeowners prefer to have one item that could provide more than one function. Commonly there are chairs with storage, benches with storage, or even tables with storage. Some other things could be featuring adjustable components so ...

2 years ago Regina Grothmann