Modern Chandeliers with Jaw-Dropping Designs and Features to Have

The Flower Power Chandelier By VGnewtrend Colorful Lighted Artificial Tulips On The Ceiling

Chandeliers do have serious effects in interior decoration. Thus picking the one that could be a show-stopper in the space, it is placed will be important. These chandeliers are considerably modern ones with such unimaginable features and designs. Each one of these models will not look like traditional chandeliers at all.

Flower Power chandelier by VGnewtrend is on the list with its charming, bright tones and subtle nuances. It is made to order featuring artificial tulips with LED Murano glass lamps in a perfect harmony of arrangement. It screams nature in a modern way. Next is the one from KAIA named ONA chandelier. It has a form of the perfect sphere made of three circular warm and bright light bands. Brushed brass is used to create the bands in which LEDs are embedded featuring six intersections positioned in different angles. Visionnaire Collection of Ipe Cavalli has its Branko Chandelier in a luxurious design. Surreal design ethos, baroque styling, and esoteric references are there in this show-stopper chandelier.

Stonegate Designs comes with its Cloud round Chandelier done by Fusion Z. It consists of 17 hand-blown patterned glass fixtures to really create a strong visual and décor statement in any place where it is seen. Another choice is Fungo Chandelier as a collaboration of Fernando Campana and Humberto. Mushrooms on wood are definitely the inspiration of this one with six arms made of wood sections and glass bubbles. The contrast of the materials is its attraction. Alison Berger delivers the Counterweight chandelier out of crystal wheels, hand blown pendants, and some weights combined in a cool mechanical-inspired shape of a modern light.

Next on this list is X-Large Bubble Chandelier of Jean and Oliver Pelle from New York. It is considered magical and romantic while also being very light at the same time. Blown-glass globes alongside cotton and leather cording are there as its signature materials. Stickbulb has its X diamond 3/60 featuring octahedral and hexagonal forms. It has 60 maple wood bulbs in 3 feet length combined with brass joints cast. Tracy Glover has its clever design of Metropolis bar chandelier as a fun take of fresh and modern chandelier design. Shapes mixture, seven glass lights, and dangle cords around a rectangular bar complete the design of this chandelier. One last option on this list is the Edie Chandelier from Mary Wallis. It offers a diamond-shaped beveled glass around its light source. Different finishes can be selected for this chandelier.

The Metropolis Bar By Tracy Glover Bulbs Black Cords And Metal Holder

The Fungo Chandelier By Humberto And Fernando Campana Wooden Arms Blown Glass Fungus Shape

The X Diamond 3 60 Chandelier By Stickbulb In Octahedral And Hexagonal Design With LEDs

The Cloud Round Chandelier By Stonegate Designs Feturing Hand Blown Patterned Glass Fixtures

The Flower Power Chandelier By VGnewtrend Colorful Lighted Artificial Tulips On The Ceiling

The Edie Chandelier By Mary Wallis Diamond Shaped Bevelled Glass Shards Soft Light Inside

The ONA Chandelier By KAIA Featuring Three Circular Bands With LEDs

The Branko Chandelier By Ipe Cavalli In Shiny Metallic Luxurious Finish With Upside Down Christmas Tree Like

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