Modern Bathroom in Neutral Tones with Geometric Accents

Black Framed Glass Shower Wall Tiny White Hexagon Tile Shower Wall Covering White Toilet Black Wall Mounted Shelves Bathroom Supplies Ceiling Light

The graphical theme of décor can be incorporated in any space including the bathroom. It means that even a bathroom can look good in that particularly modern way of decorating a space. A contrasting combination of black and white can look really good in a small bathroom space when done properly. Certain ways of placing the colors and adding stuff into the décor may well be needed to get it right though. Well, there is a beautifully decorated bathroom in a neutral combination of black and white with just a bit of geometrical graphics accent in it. Few green touches and some greenery can be seen there as well though for a refreshing atmosphere.

An eye-catching feature of the bathroom is actually the use of hexagonal tiles for the flooring. The tiles are in the matte black finish for the main floor surface. Meanwhile, there are white matte hexagonal tiles for the shower area as well as the main wall area inside the bathroom. Black grout is used within the white tiles to enhance the appeal of the bathroom further in that beautiful way.

This small bathroom has a unique custom door to complete the shower area. It really worked out space to the most functional aspect while also completing the setup of the shower area for sure. Black frame alongside thick glass can be seen there almost all the way up to the ceiling. Yet there are some gaps below to allow some air going through. That is actually the setup of the shower area of this beautiful modern bathroom space.

More white can be seen in form of the vanity from IKA. The glossy white finish of the vanity is definitely needed to get the space as bright as possible. The fact that no windows around means that space should be as bright as possible. Thus the use of white is pretty crucial for the sake of the visual space of the bathroom itself. Ceramic sink and the customized faucet is there above the vanity to complete the functional aspect of the bathroom. In purpose of breaking a rather boring feel of black and white inside the bathroom, there are living greenery in certain spots. Bold green artwork alongside towels with green edges can be seen there as well to freshen up space a bit. Overall the entire space of the bathroom looks nice without any possible boring and plain accent to see.

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Bright Above The Mirror Wall Lamp White Toilet White Wooden Floating Bathroom Vanity Black Handles Framed Wall Art Piece Glass Shower Wall Black Metal Frame Black Wall Mounted Shower Shelves

Black Framed Glass Shower Wall Tiny White Hexagon Tile Shower Wall Covering White Toilet Black Wall Mounted Shelves Bathroom Supplies Ceiling Light

White Floating Wooden Bathroom Vanity Black Handles Toilet Paper Wooden Floating Shelves Blakc Frame Patterned Towel Wall Lamp Large Wall Bathroom Mirror Black Flooring Black Wall Paint

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