Make Your Kitchen Wall Outstanding with Wall Art

Attractive EAT Sign Hanged On The Grey Wall Together With Some Frames Of Quotations

Hello fellas! This time, I’m gonna share you some excellent wall décor ideas to rock. It will be readily made by yourself, or you may just buy it. It will spruce your kitchen up for sure. Let’s check it out!

EAT Signs

A kitchen is an area that is close to cooking and eating activity. Therefore, you should choose the kitchen-themed wall décor. EAT marks are prevalent for decorating kitchen walls today. It can be made on a pallet wood, a cutting board, or a cheese board. Can also be a letter made of stone or metal that hung on the wall. Paint and style them properly to be your kitchen décor.

Decorative Plate Walls

Decorative plates will be very fabulous if they are placed in a kitchen or dining room. Every one of them can be different as you buy them at many flea markets or you bring them from various trips, or they can be in the same style but different in colors. If you add some plates brought from your trips, it will inspire you and give you good mood every day. That’s a good idea! Attaching them directly to the wall in your dining space is a good idea. You may also put them on wooden shelves or ledges to avoid ruining the wall cover.

Potted Plants

Potted plants, mainly herbs, is not only correctly placed in a garden or used as a wall decoration, but it can be a chic and functional item for the kitchen. All you need to do is just attaching boar with planters on them and covering the boards with chalkboard paint to give a sign of the herbs that you have. If you want another thing, you may attach metal holders and hang pots on them – IKEA Fintrop is one of such items. By having that thing, you can get fresh greenery feel, and it enlivens your kitchen. Amazing isn’t it?


Old equipment can be a good wall art with some creativity. You just need to paint them and attach them to the walls or to some framed board to make excellent wall art. If you have some new oversized decorative utensils, you may combine them with various signs and attach them to the walls as attractive ornaments. Attaching trays and pots to the walls is also a great idea.

Other Ideas

You may create your wall art by following any DIY tutorial from the web. Combining numerous signs, utensils, potted herbs, plates, and shabby chic mirror as you like is one of the ways. Have a try!

Combination Of Plates Hanged On The Wall Near A Dining Table With A Vase Of Flowers And Some Cakes On It

Frames Of Fruits Hanged On A White Wall

A Fusion Of Colorful Plates Hanged On The Wall Near A Wooden Round Dining Table With Some Chairs Around It

EAT Sign On Boards Hanged On The Wall Near A Bowl Of Fruits

Some Jars Of Colorful Plants Hanged On The Wooden Palette On The Brown Wall

Combination Of Colorful Plates Hanged On The Wall Near A Wooden Dining Table With A Pot On It And Some Chairs

Attractive EAT Sign Hanged On The Wall Near A Desk With A Jar, A Glass, And Some Stuffs On It

Combination Of Blue Plates Hanged On The Wall Near A Dining Table With A Bowl Of Fruits On It And Some Chairs

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