Lighting Fixtures in Colorful Finish with the Basic Idea of Hot Air Balloons

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A decent piece of the lighting fixture is always being needed in any décor to brighten up space. In some decoration, the lighting fixture is even offering a bit of boost and enhancement for the décor. It is true that today’s items related to interior décor and furnishing tend to be having decent appeal aside of just proper function. Many things can even be incorporated as the main ide or theme of certain things. A nice looking lighting fixture of Louis Poulsen brand is just another example of such thing. Its latest lighting fixture called Cirque is not only a light or lamp. It really is a beautiful piece of decorative thing.

The so-called Cirque lamp itself is a set of lighting fixtures inspired by hot air balloons. The designer is Clara von Zweigbergk who managed to transform a really creative idea and image of hot air balloons into beautiful and functional lighting fixtures for any interior space. Well, to be more precise she said that the inspirations include hot air balloons and carousels she saw at the Tivoli amusement park of Copenhagen. The outcome of her design is a set of colorful and playful lighting fixtures that can even be considered as a miniature of the hot air balloons when installed.

The finish of the lamp has four color stripes resembling the spinning movement of rides at the amusement park. It is made of powder-coated spun aluminum that is pretty dependable material. It is available in three different sizes to choose so that it may well be suspended in various levels. Even the combination of color comes in three options to choose. Four bright color brands to choose from including pale yellow, blue powder, Vermillion, and teal as bright ones. Meanwhile other set includes mossy green, white and copper.

Its build is a smart one that features a short cutout at the lower half of the so-called tear-drop shape. It is intended to give the possibility of the light to deliver a downward light. It will really be perfect to be a suspended hanging lamp with that particular feature, right? Overall the set of lighting fixtures within the Cirque collection of the brand Louis Poulsen is a decent set of items to get. Any decoration styles of the interior can really get the benefit of using this lighting in both the decorative aspect and functional matter at the same time.

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