Highly Functional Modular Latifolia Kitchen to Suit Different Needs

Latifolia Modular Modern Kitchen Black Finished Metal Frame Wooden Shelves Light Finish

Within the trend of modern décor and design of residential houses, practicality is one of the most crucial matters to pay attention. It means that things are not just looking good anymore. They have to be highly functional in the easiest way possible to use it. Thus many items are featuring more than one function in it so that homeowners can get the benefit of having such things. A decent example of such thing in a high level of practicality is the Latifolia. It is a nicely designed modular kitchen that will easily suit different needs of its owners and users.

There is practicality as well as functionality behind this smartly designed modular kitchen. When it comes to public spaces, traditional design of a kitchen will not cut it at all. Thus LCMX created a modular kitchen design which will be perfect for urban spaces. This so-called Latifolia kitchen features a self-supporting structure made of steel which works in tightly secure conjunction with wooden shelves as well as adjustable storage spaces. Along the time of its use, the owners and users of this modular kitchen will be able to adjust the kitchen for different needs.

Furthermore, the highly functional design of this Latifolia modular kitchen from LCMX makes it easy to be attached and placed anywhere it needed to. That feature cannot be compared with the traditional kitchen design that should be in one place at a time, right? Meanwhile, the steel as the main material of this modular kitchen was powder coated during the manufacturing to ensure a long-lasting finish. The woods for the shelves were using American oak, Tzalam, or Walnut to boost the timeless appeal of steel and wood combination of this modular kitchen. The overall appeal of this Latifolia kitchen is amazing and perfectly suited to any basic decorating style.

One interesting matter about this modular kitchen of LCMX is that the finish of the wooden shelves can be selected in different tones. Those who do not like the combination of blackened steel finish and light colored wood can pick other tones along the way of purchasing this modular kitchen. Any modern space especially those in tight space will greatly benefit the use of this modular kitchen since it is not big at all when the need of cooking and storage space is not that much.

Latifolia Modular Modern Kitchen Black Finished Metal Frame Wooden Shelves Light Finish

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