Graff Presents the Dressage Collection of Modern Bathroom Items

Wooden Vanity With A Sink A Mirror A Tray And A Storage Of Dressage Collection From Graff

The bathroom should never be considered to be a space that looks just as it is. The idea is that even a bathroom should be decorated and appropriately beautified to look really nice. It is the space to start a new day every morning as well as a place to go right after a long day every night. So, it should look nice so that it will really be a joyful moment when spending a bit of time there to clean up, right? That idea is pretty much understandable especially by Graff in which its latest collection features bathroom stuff.

It is true that the new collection from Graff named Dressage features bathroom items. The critical element is that it perfectly mixes fresh design of modern items with a high level of comfort as well as great materials. There is even traditional material within the items to create a unique look of them. It can be said merely to be the fresh take of Graff in term of conventional bathroom furniture items. A bit of change and touches along the production has created a set of modern collection of bathroom items for any modern bathroom. The finished product actually combines two opposing materials while pretty much following the hot trend in bathroom décor of today which is using wood.

Overall in term of the material, there is DuPont Corion as a modern material and Canaletto Walnut as traditional material. The combination of those materials delivers a contemporary and stylish round tub and a nice looking mirrored vanity. The tub is a single item while the pride is not just an item. It is a complete vanity with several features above. It consists of a sink with a shelf, a tray, a towel hook, and drawers. A mirror is attached to the vanity as well with its rotating capability for more comfortable use of it. Overall the freestanding vanity of Graff is a practical piece of bathroom furniture.

The smart design of the vanity makes it a narrow piece. It means that it can easily be placed in any bathroom regardless of the size of the shower. There is no need for a large space inside the bathroom to put this highly functional piece. Within this Dressage collection, Graff has done a great job in creating a set of bathroom furniture items in an aesthetic appeal with just the right amount of function to make it highly functional for any bathroom, especially modern ones.

Glazed Walls Marble Tiles Round Small Table Metal Legs Grey Rug Wooden Round Tub Freestanding Wooden Vanity With Sink Tray And Mirror Blakc Lamp Shade Pendant

Freestanding Wooden Vanity Of Dressage Colelction From Graff Square Sink Rectangular Mirror Square Storage Square Tray

Wooden Vanity With A Sink A Mirror A Tray And A Storage Of Dressage Collection From Graff

Round Wooden Bathtub Metal Tray Stainless Steel Tap Marble Tiles Glazed Wall

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