Edgy Board: Chair by I'm: Board Made of Skateboard Decks

Board Chair White Upholstery Black Frame Skateboard Decks Natural Wooden Finish Brick Wall Large Wall Art Piece

There are many creative furniture designers out there with their ideas in creating unique and edgy furniture items within the modern interior décor world today. The fact that smaller living spaces are getting more and more personalized today means that unique items are at large to be incorporated. Simply by adding unique items in any interior décor, the overall appeal of the décor will be elevated greatly. A creatively designed furniture item may even be the result of repurposing other items. Repurposing is quite common in interior decorating so that old stuff can get the better of them in new forms. A decent example of such thing is the so-called Board: Chair from I’m Board.

The name of this furniture item resembles the actual form of this item. It is a chair made of several skateboard decks. Such simple idea to repurpose skateboard decks out of the original function could at the end deliver an edgy functional chair design. The chair can be used to get comfortable while daydreaming or simply to get relaxed whenever needed. It features classic appeal timelessly due to the use of wooden skateboard decks.

Designer Kasper Bugge Moller has the idea of creating this decent piece of a chair made of skateboard decks with comfort in mind. Thus aside from being so cool to look at, this chair offers a comfortable experience when sitting on it. In short, the chair feels good and looks good at the same time. Such combination of things is very important in interior décor today. The base of the chair is intended to remain in the natural tone of wood while the upholstery is in colorful tones. The so-called Board: Chair is available in orange, plum, black and white to be chosen accordingly. It offers coordinating footstool as well to maximize both the comfort and the look of it within the area where it is placed.

The main material of this chair is sustainable bamboo skateboard decks that can create an ergonomic build of this chair to enhance its comfort level when in use. The base frame of this chair is made of Danish Birchwood while the colorful upholstery options are offered in New Zealand wool. Those who have a decent passion for unique stuff should consider this Board: Chair to buy. It is obviously functional as well as comfortable while also pretty edgy and cool looking at the same time.

Board Chair White Upholstery Black Frame Skateboard Decks Natural Wooden Finish Brick Wall Large Wall Art Piece

Board Chair Black Wooden Frame Skateboard Decks Black Surface

Board Chair Skateboard Decks Black Wooden Frame Black Upholstery Wooden Floor Decorative Plant

Board Chair Plum Upholstery Natural Wooden Frame Skateboard Decks Natural Wooden Finish Industrial Backgroud Setting

Board Chair Orange Upholstery Wooden Frame Skateboard Decks Natural Wooden Finish

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