Designing a Glam Bedroom by Yourself

A Bed Done With Many Pillows And A Blanket In Pink

Many girls love glam style. Why? Because by having a glam space, they will feel like becoming a princess or a queen in their space. Therefore, many girls prefer to have a glam and luxurious spaces, including a bedroom. For you who want to have a stunning glam bedroom, here some tips may help you. Check it out!


If you are a person who loves the glam style, you may know that this style is done with different shades of pink. You may still use the other shades, of course. Try pastel and neutral colors. Those colors can be the base of your room decoration; then you just need to add some shiny metallic touches like silver, brass, or copper to make the space shinier and brighter. For you who still want to use pink, try dusty pink and blush. They will make your room become chic and has a soft feel. You may also go for bold pink shades to make it more show off.


Color is not only a factor that will make your space become glam and luxurious. You need other elements to be added to the room decor. Faux fur, shiny metals, faux animal skins, velvet, leather, and mirrors are excellent materials to bring your glam space into reality. Faux fur and velvet will give maximum comfy to your bed, for sure. Your bed will be very comfortable and warm. Besides, velvet is on top nowadays. Faux animal skins is an excellent idea to be rugs for your space. A leather bench will make your bedroom super luxurious. Shiny metals are a necessity in a glam space. They can appear in many ways like bed framing, lamps, handles, and many others. Mirrors are also welcomed to give a more shiny touch to space. You may not just hang it on the wall, but you may try mirrored nightstands, vanities, and even bed framing. Do you want a more glam touch? Adding sequins will be a good idea.

Furniture/ Lamps

The main item in a bedroom is the bed, and to make a glam bedroom you have to concern about the bed. You’ll find a canopy bed with shiny metal or mirror frames, or a bed with a fantastic diamond-coated head with some thick colors, or just high for making a statement. Try mirrored nightstands and vanities to add a shiny touch, and crystal chandeliers to make your space super glam and luxurious. Choosing velvet and leather upholstery is a nice idea to give texture, and add a funny faux fur ottoman or a couple of stools to get a cute look.

A White Bed With Many Pillows And Cream Fur Blanket In Wooden Frame

A Bed With Some Pillows And A Blanket In Pink, And Some Books And A Vase On It

A Large White Bed With Many Pillows Placed Under A Pastel Colored Chandelier And Between Two Windows

A Bed In Pastel Color With Many Pink Shade Pillows

A Large Bed And A Bench Under A Glam Chandelier

A Bed Done With Many Pillows And A Blanket In Pink

A Marge Bed With Many Glam Pillows And A White Fur Bench In Metal Frame

A Large Bed With Many Pillows And A Daybed Placed In A Room With Floral Wallpaper

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