Designer’s Home in Monochrome Color Scheme with Turquoise Splashes

Pink Accent Wall Framed Artworks Teardrop Wall Art Black Chairs White Wooden Floor Long Rectangular Table Checkerboard Top

Taking a look at the décor of designer’s house is always a great idea to get inspired. Interior designers will always have their unique ways of decorating their homes to ensure that the décor is awesome. Surely it is not a hard thing to do since they do it as a job, right? A nice looking designer’s house owned by Sarah Lavoine in Paris has its special designer atmosphere all over the interior. It has a simple idea of using the monochrome style of decoration with a clever way of adding turquoise splashes in it. Certainly, it is a beautifully decorated house with many creative ideas to adopt.

To maximize the space inside the house, the dining area is united with the living area finished with white walls and floor. The sloped design of the ceiling brings an airy atmosphere within that area. Several black touches can be seen in this area including a geometric black wall alongside the black chair, table and table lamps. The monochrome style is set as the background there with an emerald glass base coffee table and turquoise chairs as well. Vibrant accent in a monochromatic space is always a great way to beautify any interior décor.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom of this designer’s house has a pretty much the same style with the living area and dining area. The combination is a bit different with black walls alongside white ceiling and floor. The bold accent of turquoise bedspread along with green nightstand fabric cover and orange artwork can be seen here. The idea is pretty much the same in which vibrant touches are used to enhance the décor. Designer lamps beautify the bedroom further along with upholstered bed in chic style.

Even in its entryway, the use of bold turquoise can be enjoyed in the form of a statement wall. It is accompanied by the metal staircase in industrial style alongside several mirrors in different shapes for the better overall appeal of the décor. In this house, there is a working space as well finished in pink. Sculptures and pictures are there with checkerboard chairs and table alongside to make it more inspiring as a working space. Over a simple idea of combining monochromatic color scheme with bold tones, this house offers a great interior décor. The ideas in decorating this house of Sarah Lavoine are surely easy to incorporate in any interior to have such wonderful appeal.

Pink Accent Wall Framed Artworks Teardrop Wall Art Black Chairs White Wooden Floor Long Rectangular Table Checkerboard Top

White Wooden Floor Framed Pictures Round Black Top Coffee Table Emerald Glass Base Black Chairs Wicker Seating Wooden Bench Black Floor Lamp Black Statement Wall Turquoise Chair

Black Headboard Wall Upholstered Bed Turquoise Bedspread White Bedding White Pillows Framed Tiny White Butterflies Nightstand With Drawers Table Lamp Books

Sarah Lavoine Turquoise Statement Wall Metal Staircase White Wooden Floor Mixed Size Wall Mirrors Framed Artworks

Turquoise Dining Chairs Black Statement Wall Flowers Wall Lamps Black Chairs Dining Bench White Wooden Floor Framed Pictures

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