Cute Lighting Fixtures to Complete Kids’ Room Décor

Little Cloud Lamp From FriendsWithYou White Finished Cloud Like Shape Lamp Grey Bedding

Lighting fixtures will always be needed in any space to perform several functions. Mainly they will provide lights while at the same time offer a bit of accentuating décor elements. Well, these are some of the unique options of lighting fixtures to be placed in kids’ room.

ABYU Lighting delivers a clever idea of incorporating upcycled plastic to create miniature bottle lamps. It is called Bottle Lamps that are fully functional in the unique way of colorful feathers and spikes of the animal kingdom. Meanwhile, there is the Giggy Table Lamp from Markus Order inspired by a picture of giraffes standing close to Acacia trees. Birch plywood is the material of this lamp accompanied by fabric to cover the chord. It really looks like a giraffe for sure. Next choice is the one from Dick Bruna for Mr. Maria named Miffy. The idea is a little bunny character from Holland’s best-selling book for kids. Thus it really is perfect to have such lamp in kids’ room, right?

Furthermore, there is Bero designed by Nyillili Studio as a bright lamp that brings warmth to any space where it is placed. It comes in a pair in the form of a big piece as a standalone lighting fixture accompanied by the little piece of Bero as a kind of mini torch for more mobile use of it. Next, there is the so-called Little Cloud as a highly functional art piece with lighting fixture on it. It offers two different kinds of light in which it can be operated in the wired or wireless state. The next choice is Luna Lamp that comes in various sizes. Clearly, it can be perfect for any space with its dreamy characteristic.

Meanwhile, Andre Valerio offers the Passa Cabos as a kind of anthropomorphic table lamp. It is made of cork in cute and funny design with the availability of MDF version as well. It has its form of the small animal so that it will really look cute when being placed in kids’ room. Next on the list of the cutest lighting fixtures for kids’ room is Kawaii Moon Shape that features LED in a super cute design. It is made of PVC with LED to make a really warm and comfortable ambiance inside the kids’ room. The last choice is Lamp Konjin by Lidor in the form of a giant rabbit lamp. It is soft so that it can even be used to play during the daytime.

Bero Lamp From Nyllili Studio A Pair Of Big And Small Lighting Fixtures

Luna Lamp Moon Like Design Wooden Sideboard Stairs

Giggy Lamp From Markus Oder Wooden Bases Giraffe Sculp Metal Lamp Shades Bold Colors Bold Cords

Passa Cabos Lamp From André Valério Animal Design White Bedding Wooden Bed Wooden Nightstand

Kawaii Moon Shape Cute Night Light Design Yellowish Finish

Bottle Lamps From ABYU Lighting Plastic Bottle Base Animal Like Design

Miffy Lamp From Mr.Maria By Dick Bruna Rabbit Lamp Design

Little Cloud Lamp From FriendsWithYou White Finished Cloud Like Shape Lamp Grey Bedding

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