Cute Indoor Lamp Named Bero for Kids

The Bero Indoor Table Lamps In Big And Small Sizw Wooden Table Newspaper Clear Glass Vase Decorative Plant

The indoor lighting fixture can be in several different forms. There are pendants, floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, and of course table lamps. It has been developed pretty well today that the shape and size of those lamps vary a lot. Even table lamps come in many available shapes and sizes that will match any décor to fill the need of individual spaces. A bedroom for the kids will probably need a unique design and configuration of the table lamp in which this one called Bero is one option to consider. Well, this so-called Bero is not just a table lamp since it can even be a kind of companion for the kids.

This adorable shaped lamp named Bero considerably resembles that Baymax character from the movie Big Hero 6. There are two versions available of this lamp which differs in size only. The rest of the matters are entirely the same. This one unique lamp design will be perfect for any kids’ room that looks really friendly and rather affectionate. The warm atmosphere can be felt there inside the kids’ room with this lamp placed inside. The shape of this lamp that looks like a character means that it can even be the one to help kids sleeping well inside their room by feeling safe due to the fire.

The difference in size of this lamp is intended in which the small one can function as a kind of mini torch. It can be handled quickly to be brought anywhere whenever needed. Meanwhile, the bigger one is a standalone table lamp that can be the main flare inside the kids’ room. It is pretty compact though even the big one in just about a foot in term of its height.

Inside its unique body, this Bero lamp has RGB LED module that can be controlled using a smart app. The blade itself is pretty useful since it can replicate very close to 16 million colors just by dealing with the ratios of the RGB settings. Furthermore, the app itself can control the pulse of the light so that it can comfortably fit the needs of different situations. One different matter of this Bero lamp is that it does not have a switch or a button. It can easily be activated or deactivated by merely tapping on its head or body. Well, that is a unique piece of an indoor table lamp to have, right?

Smart App To Control The Bero Indoor Table Lamp

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The Bero Indoor Table Lamps In Big And Small Sizw Wooden Table Newspaper Clear Glass Vase Decorative Plant

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