Comfy Bungalow For A Family

A Whole Glazed Wall And A Staircase Of The Bungalow Looked From Outside

Hello fellas! In this great time, I would like to talk about a bungalow which will amaze you. It is the 204-square-meter House 334 is situated on the lot of 15 meters wide and 45 meters deep. This building has been renovated and expanded by an American architect Craig McMahon to give more coziness in accommodating is the family of three. The design has a primary goal. It was to create one story of modern open home with interconnected outdoor living spaces. This design will show how a family can comfortably live on a small site without sacrificing scope, quality, or use.

This building was firstly built in 1952, but it was preserved and repurposed because of some reasons. One of the ideas is because of its high quality of construction and the durability. Interior partitions were removed from this shell to make an open-plan social area for the residents.

Now, let’s have a look at the entryway. The entryway faces a monumental concrete fireplace that becomes the center of the living room. Fire can bring some warmth and coziness in a space when the weather becomes freezing. Therefore, it is chosen as the center of the living room. Next, let’s have a look at the back side. In the back side, the architect decided to make space become kitchen and dining areas that are connected to an outdoor terrace facing the street. This kind of view will become an interesting point of this house.

The architects’ team, with their hands and ideas, expanded the home southwards. Then, they were also building a two-bedroom pavilion set amongst the property’s existing mature oaks and tall bamboo shoots. At the very back of the home, there is a garage which is also expanded with a separate studio. This space is very appropriate for entertaining if the owners’ guests are income. Besides for the interesting point, this space can accommodate adult children when they come home to visit and reunite with the big family.

The rooftop dining deck was built over the garage for stargazing and entertaining. This idea is done to maximize the garage. Since the rooftop is flooded with the heat of a caption, the designers have found a purpose. Deep roof overhangs are applied to prevent the building to be overheating. Overall, the project is done more sustainable by several passive features such as natural ventilation and the energy efficient spray foam insulation.

A Wooden With Some White Chairs Around It And An Attractive Lamp Over It

A Wooden Counter On The Windowsill With Two Wooden Stools And A Round Coffee Table

A Whole Glazed Wall And A Staircase Of The Bungalow Looked From Outside

A Wooden Roof The Entrywaym

A Space With Wooden Ceiling And Some Chairs Spread All Over Bu Gayuh

The Bedroom Of The House Looked From House

A Whole Glazed Wall Of The Bungalow

A Concrete Bungalow From The Outside

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