Colorful Décor of Bohemian Style House that Looks Wonderful

Yellow Corner Sofa Red Round Shade Hanging Lamp Square Wooden Table White Top Wooden Floor Decorative Plant Picture Table Lamp Colorful Shade

Swedish houses are commonly having a Scandinavian style of its interior décor. Its color schemes can easily characterize this particular style of interior decoration. Black, grey, and white within restraint color schemes are the ultimate choice of color scheme for Scandinavian spaces. In other words, it can be said to be monochromatic. Some homeowners love to go unique for the interior décor of their houses. One example is that a Scandinavian home can be decorated in a bohemian style interior without using the monochromatic idea at all. The result is just outstandingly beautiful Scandinavian interior in colorful bohemian style.

The central area of the interior is undoubtedly the living room. It has a bold blue sofa as the focal point with several colorful printed pillows as accentuating pieces. Furthermore, the colorful appeal continues to the use of vintage lamps alongside modern style mid-century furniture items all over the space. The other section of the living space features a yellow sofa alongside colorful pillows in velvet as well as vintage lamps in various shades. The entire living area is completed by several artworks to enhance splashes of colors there. The feel of that living space is nothing but cozy and warm.

A specific sitting area designed to be the tea time spot in the house features a roundtable in red along with wicker chairs. Next to it is a beautiful looking piece of wardrobe in modern mid-century style to continue the form seen in the living area. It has a mirror panel to boost its appeal within the décor. Meanwhile, the dining area offers a wooden dining furniture set that includes a round table and some chairs. There is a large shelving unit as well right there which houses books in all sort of themes.

The master bedroom of this house has a large bed accompanied by some furniture items in the same style as previously mentioned.  Abstract artworks with some decent looking nightstands and natural shelves complete the beauty of the décor while remaining functional. The bathroom is finished in beautiful blue tiles along with some potted plants. It is a pretty small area, but it feels big visually due to the light color scheme inside. The attic features a guest bedroom with natural wooden beams as well as many items reflecting the bohemian style decoration as the rest of the house.

Vintage Wooden Cabinet With Mirror Round Red Wooden Table Wicker Chairs Black Shade Hanging Lamp Black And White Decorative Picture Wooden Floor

Yellow Corner Sofa Red Round Shade Hanging Lamp Square Wooden Table White Top Wooden Floor Decorative Plant Picture Table Lamp Colorful Shade

Golden Shade Hanging Lamp Red Shade Table Lamp Blue Sofa Wooden Floor Wooden Round Smal Table Squate Side Table Books Framed Picture Colorful Accent Pillows

Bright Blue Bathroom Tiles Wooden Chair Blue Sink Potted Plant White Framed Window Mirrored Wall Cabinets Green Towel Decorative Statue White Bathtub

Attic Ceiling Wooden Beams Decorative Artwork Wooden Floor Patterned Rugs Floral Printed Bedding White Framed Window A Cat

Corner Bookshelf Books Large Red Shade Hanging Lamp Wooden Diing Chairs Round Diing Table Candle Holders Wooden Floor Potted Plant Greeneries Wicker Chairs

White Wooden Ceiling Faux Tiger Skin Rug Framed Wall Artwork Sculptural Hanging Lamp Printed Blanket Small Wooden Nightstand Purple Flowers Black Tube Vase

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