Bring Green to Your house with Icelandic Moss Luminaire

A Round Lamp Covered With Greenery

Green is a color that is related to nature. Some green plants in the home can represent nature that brings a relaxed and natural atmosphere to your room. It can be a pot of a plant, various flower plants that are placed in your garden or maybe a big tree that bring you a relaxing ambiance. Do you know that there is a unique item that brings fresh greenery touch to your space? For you who want to add greenery to your interior, today’s topic will be very inspiring for you. Today, I am going to share with you a kind of lamp that can be used to add fresh greenery to your space. Wanna know more about it? Let’s check it out!

This amazing item is created by a designer Peter Danczkay. This luminaire is designed in 100% environmentally friendly as it uses one of the typical plants originating from the Nordic region as its cover. The plants which are used are called the Iceland lichen, or well known as the Icelandic moss. This kind of plant is mostly often found in the mountainous Arctic territory. This kind of plant is usually used by the people around the region to feed their reindeer, and in the poorer times, it is even eaten by the people. In addition to starch, it also contains bitter cetrarin. The Cetrarin is an active ingredient that is used as an appetite suppressant. You should remember that if you placed this amazing item in your kitchen.

Light is our necessity in life. Is not about to get a luxurious touch, but it is more about our basic need in everyday life. This kind of lamp is covered by 100% natural wrap that become a mood booster which does not need any maintenance. Moreover, it can bring a fresh green feel to your space for many years to come. How amazing it is! This amazing piece is an answer to your need for having a fresh greenery item in your interior. By having this eye-catching thing, you can get the light as a basic need of life and the fresh green touch inside your space. Besides, it is also the right thing that you need for you who love the eco-friendly item. Do not think too much and waste your time. Let’s grab one and make your space naturally outstanding and eye-catching!

A Round Lamp Covered With Greenery

The Moss Covers The Lamp

The Lamp Is Covered With The Green Moss

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