Best House and Apartment Designs in September 2017

A Room Consists Of Many Artwork In Frames And A Wooden Folded Chair

We have shown you a lot of cool stuff that amaze you in September 2017. In this high time, I would like to share the most interesting house and apartment designs among them. Prepare yourself to get inspire. Enjoy!

  • Decorating very small spaces is incredibly tricky but this 25 square meter apartment is perfect. It has many wooden furniture. There is a wooden table with a vase of flowers on it paired with two chairs. A frame also hung above the table to make a statement on the wall which is done in white color. Near the table, there is a wooden cabinet and there is a suitcase under it. The windowsill of this space is used for a reading nook. There are many books under the windowsill and there is also a cushion to make the reading activity more comfy.
  • This home of an artist features a restraint color palette though many personal touches. There are many artworks in frames in the space. Some of them are hung on the wall, some are placed in the shelf, and some are just placed on the floor. In this space, you will find a white tall shelf that is full of book, frames, and vases in various shapes and black color. There is also a fold wooden chair by the tall window. This space uses wooden floor and white walls.
  • This house is organized into a series of brick volumes connected with bridges and gardens. The gardens are very green and beautified by many colorful flower plants. It brings fresh look and relaxing feel in the space.
  • This cute Edwardian home of the 20th century was bought by an artist and her husband and they decided to leave the exterior as it is. The bedroom is really interesting. It is done with white walls and wooden floor. There is a bed with soft pink shades of pillows and a black side table beside the bed. Two black lamps attached on the wall above the bed as the sources of the light. There is a corner that consists of a wooden desk and a blue chair with a white fabric. An artwork is hung on the wall as an ornament that beautified the space. One thing that is unique is that there is a bookshelf above the door frame. It is full of books and really such a smart idea.
  • This Italian country house was covered with living vines to make it look very natural and it got an additional glass volume that merges with the surroundings.

A Bedroom Consists Of A Bed With Pillows And A Bookshelf Full Of Books Above The Door Frame

A House Covered With Plants Looked From Outside

A Room Consists Of Many Artwork In Frames And A Wooden Folded Chair

A Room In White Floor Features Wooden Furniture

Gardens Connected Two Spaces

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