Best Choices of Modern Acrylic Furniture Money Can Buy Today

Bulbing Lamp By Studio Cheha In Different Size

Modern style décor is closely associated with the use of clearance items. Those things made of glass and acrylic will always be looking great when being incorporated into modern décor. Obviously, there have been many acrylic furniture items out there in which these are some of the best to consider adding I to any modern interior décor for a decent look.

A designer named Saerom Yoon created a set of tables featuring clear resin with colorful gradients. The tables are in the set of Crystal Series that has undergone dyeing process to create a cool optical illusion when hit by lights. It will look different when lights hit it differently. Next item is the one from designed Tinny Chang in its free-standing structures collection. This latest creation features a set of leather bags in an acrylic box. It will look like it is floating in midair. Surely that effect is just perfect for modern décor, right?

Meanwhile, a designed named Sohyun Yun has a nice piece of the acrylic item named Layer Chair. It is made of clear acrylic that can be customized to be a piece of art. There are three layers of the acrylic panel in different patterns and colors that can create a different look of this chair. It could be selected according to the mood of its owner for sure. Bulbing Lamp of Studio Cheha is another decent acrylic item to buy today. It combines the idea of deviating general norms and maximizing traditional elements to create 2D and 3D options of the Bulbing Lamp collection. It looks just nice.

Michael Dawkins has just created a magnificent acrylic table. The table is made of driftwood branches alongside clear acrylic. The use of acrylic seems like magnifying the beautiful details of the wood while also keeping the wood in the best state for a long time. It is minimalist and modern at the same time. Meanwhile, there is a cool drawer made of clear acrylic designed and created by Nomess Copenhagen. It has steel frames along with clear acrylic body with small wheels. It is a beautiful storage solution for a small modern space.

A Japanese designer named Tokujin Yoshioka has just presented a series of furniture items made of acrylic for Kartell brand of Italy. The entire collection is named Invisibles Light that features several different items. The most interesting piece, however, is the table which almost invisible but the top surface made of white acryl. One last piece of the best acrylic items of furniture today is the Louis Ghost of Kartell. It is a highly comfortable armchair made of acryl in both transparent and colored finishes. It is not just modern but also elegant for real.

Louis Ghost By Kartell Acrylic Chair Round Backrest

Acrylic Storage Unit On Wheels By Nomess Copenhagen Metal Frame Acrylic Drawers

Invisibles Light Acrylic Chair By Tokujin Yoshioka

Bulbing Lamp By Studio Cheha In Different Size

Floating Storage Items By Tinny Chiang

Crystal Tables By Saerom Yoon Colorful Acrylic Body Unique Shape

Layer Chair By Sohyun Yun Colorful Acrylic Backrest

Acrylic Driftwood Table By Michael Dawkins Driftwood Branches Covered In Acrylic

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