Beautiful and Detailed Interior Décor in Metallic Touches

Tall Free Standing Black Sink White Toilet Larga Mirror Hanging Lamp Ceiling Light Earthy Brown Tile

Decorating a home is common to get the central theme at first. Many things can be incorporated into the central theme of the décor. The issue can then be in the form of large items or small accents in several areas. Well, there is an idea known as metallic theme décor for any home interior. It is classic in which it can comfortably fit into any available space. It adds the glamorous feel of the décor while remains timeless. So, it is a great idea to have an interior décor with touches of metallic here and there just as in the Adelaide Residence 4 of Enoki. It can be said to be cool, edgy, unique, glamorous and functional.

The kitchen area has its dark grey finished cabinets made of wood while the metallic flair is in its copper backsplash. The classic look of wood combined with shiny metallic talent is just lovely there. Furthermore, it also has concrete countertops with marble extension on the kitchen island. Functional is at the highest level there. The kitchen features a modern looking hearth that resembles the old times of cooking using a grate. That makes the kitchen warmer and cozier at the same time.

Meanwhile, in the living room, there are cabinets covering almost the entire wall. It is made of the same wood as the kitchen cabinets. Creamy leather upholstered furniture can be seen alongside grey corner sofa to enhance the inviting flair of the area. Pretty close to the living room is the dining area with a beautiful looking suede loveseat alongside tabletop dining table and a wooden sideboard. The metallic touches can be seen in the form of a chandelier and a mirror frame. It is just right in term of the number of metallic contacts within the décor.

The ultimate look is in its master bathroom with gold ceiling and decorative lace touches. The sink is in bowl shape in gold. The vanity is made of marble to enhance the luxurious appeal of the entire bathroom. Aside from the bathroom, there is also a powder room in a beautiful design as well. A small area of the powder room even has its oversized mirror on the wall. It uses large tile to ensure that space is offering sizeable visual space. Well, this Adelaide Residence 4 by Enoki is a decent example of complete incorporation of metallic touches in home interior.

Wooden Floor Copper Backsplash Concrete Countertop Grey Cabinets Stainless Steel Fridge Doors Large Ceiling Lamp

Tall Free Standing Black Sink White Toilet Larga Mirror Hanging Lamp Ceiling Light Earthy Brown Tile

White Wooden Stool Flowers Mosaic Tile Floor And Wall White Curtain White Bathtub White Toilet Glass Separator White Chair

Geometrical Arms Ceiling Lamps Copper Backsplash Black Chairs Metal Chairs Grey Cabinets Concrete Kitchen Island Flowers

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Gold Lace Ceiling Wall Mrror Black Frame Windows Golden Sink Marble Vanity Metal Chair Black Surface Patterned Curtain

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