Art Deco Chandelier from Jason Miller in the form of Chess' Rook Piece

Castle Chandelier 9 Pieces Cream Glass Tubes Black Frames Vertical And Horizontal Style

Incorporating unique idea of design is a common thing in a modern piece of item to be placed in any interior or even exterior space today. The design idea of various items today ranges widely from one uncommon thing to another. Put simply it is true today that everything can be incorporated into the basic design idea of anything at the end. Yet in dealing with interior decoration, the lighting fixture is one of the most varied of items. Well, there are many lighting fixtures in such unique design to consider for any modern space just as this one from Roll and Hill.

Its founder has just designed a chandelier called Castle inspired by the rook piece of chess. It is nothing but unique that makes it perfect for a modern space. Jason Miller as a designer and the founder of Roll and Hill translate the idea of a rook piece in chess into a really unique form of a chandelier. The pieces are in either horizontal or vertical state that comes in various finishes. The design line of this particular chandelier incorporates art deco style in both horizontal and vertical state. In some ways, he finished pieces of Castle chandelier is somewhat resemble the shape of pieces in a cathedral organ. Well, from another perspective it could even be futuristic depending on the way to really catch the idea of Jason Miller in this particular lighting piece.

The complete piece of Castle chandelier is a unity of several pieces of glass in different lengths. There are several series named by the number of units in each piece. There are the 12 series, 9 series, and 18 series. Each one of those series will have their units as described in its name. Put simply the 12 series will be having a total o 12 bars of light joined in 4 different combinations. The way to combine the entire unit is another unique element of this chandelier.

T has its mainframe though that is offering several different choices of finish. It can be done in brushed brass, polished nickel, bronze, and shiny black. On the other hand, the glass of the light pieces is offered in clear, cream, and smoke. The frame itself is made of aluminum to ensure its strength to hold the glass pieces with LED lights inside. The glow will look just nice to warm any space especially a modern looking one.

Castle Chandelier 12 Pieces Cream Glass Tubes Black Frame

Castle Chandelier 18 Pieces Clear Glass Tubes Black Frame 9 Pieces Cream Glass Tubes Bronze Frame

Castle Chandelier 12 Pieces Smoke Glass Tubes Black Frame

Castle Chandelier 18 Pieces Smoke Glass Tubes Bronze Frame

Castle Chandelier 9 Pieces Cream Glass Tubes Black Frames Vertical And Horizontal Style

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