A Very Functional Vibrant Kitchen

A Hidden Rack For Storages In The Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen is an important part of a dwelling. Making a comfy and functional kitchen is a need because kitchen can be the first place we build our mood for the day. We start the day with making a meal or having breakfast, and it will define our mood. Therefore, having fun and functional kitchen is very important. In this high time, I would like to share a kitchen item that is very functional. Let’s check it out!

This item is called Vibrant Kitchen that is created by Sebastien Boucquey. This kind of furniture is a wooden kitchen that can be evidence that wood can be contemporary and fit any modern style of interior. The function of such a piece is the main focus. Because of that, the designer makes the area as useful as it can without forgetting the minimalist values. It is especially designed for cuisine lovers and chefs because it fits in with premium equipment and practical storage cabinets, bins and drawers made of easily cleaned and durable material.

This kind of kitchen in the wood structure can be added and embedded with high-quality appliances such as blenders and juicers or electrical ovens. This functional point transforms this kitchen from a contemporary work of art into a highly functional piece of furniture. This kind of functional furniture is perfect and very proper for you who like cooking and for those who need extra spaces while doing the cooking. Your cooking will be very fun and exciting with this cool furniture.

Some extra features are provided in this cool furniture. They are separate workstations of this custom made design item. The separate workstations make the kitchen becomes very useful and functional because it can be used for more than a person. Moreover, the stainless steel counters of this furniture create a nice workspace for everyone who is doing the cooking. The cabinets are clean and minimalist which have a frameless construction. The cabinets that complete this Vibrant Kitchen are perfect to be the storages of any stuff that you might need in a modern kitchen. In addition to that, besides the column oven, there is a secondary work space that enables the plates to be placed under a dish warmer to keep the dish warm, and this is cleverly housed in a suspension. Such a perfect kitchen to be had!

The Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

The Vibrant Kitchen Facing A Large Glazed Wall

The Whole View Of Wooden Vibrant Kitchen

A Hidden Rack For Storages In The Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Two Bowls Under A Dish Warmer With Two Bowls Of Fruits On The Warmer

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