A Unique Italian Country House with Living Vines Exterior Wall

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Getting closer to the elements of nature can be in many ways. The most popular way that homeowners did in getting more and more elements of nature is by adding greeneries within their homes. It is true that there are greeneries and plants in various to incorporate accordingly for a bit of fresher atmosphere within the décor. On the other hand, it is a great way to get such unique appeal of any residential house. Well, in Treviso of northern Italy there is a country house covered in living vines. Surely it is the next level of adding greeneries in home décor, right?

The idea of using living vines to cover the exterior wall is to create a natural appeal of this country house. It makes the house merged and blended so well with the surrounding. It was the Zaa given the task to bring the country house back to live. The project includes renovation and development. In term of the expansion, the additional space is made of corten steel frame and glass. The combination of glass and metal structure with the one covered in living vines is just perfect and highly enjoyable.

Wide windows of glass, as well as the glass structure with metal frame, reflect the surrounding as intended by Zaa. At a glance, it looks like the entire building is covered in greeneries. Meanwhile, the interior area gets the accent of being connected to the exterior due to the extensive glaze. The living room is the area that feels like a part of the countryside landscape around the house. The living space is separated into several siting zones for different activities. The one to enjoy the fireplace has two loungers in front of a large fireplace. Meanwhile, the rest offers one large sofa and several different chairs and seats.

This country house has a very edgy kitchen design with a concrete finish. The cabinets alongside the appliances are all in stainless steel which enhances the modern appeal of the kitchen itself. Just above the kitchen, there is an attic space that is intended to be the sleeping space. Two beds can be seen there without anything else while ceiling beams are the main attraction to enjoy. There are not many elements in this house which are not needed. Everything has its use so that this newly renovated country house is back to its glory.

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