A Traditional Armory Design with Fresh Appeal

Anytime Glass Armoire Built In Lighting Wooden Floor White Framed Wooden Door Glass Panels Upholstered Sofa

It is highly possible to use a different approach when trying to create a fresh new look out of the old. It will be a perfect combination of classic things and modern styles that are considered common today. Thus it is a good idea to combine the old piece of furniture items with modern décor style. Alex Schulz has done a clear example of that. He was an architect who has just created a decent collection of armoires which will be perfect for any interior décor today. They are all beautiful as well as elegant and so colorful.

The armoire collection presented by Alex Schulz is named Anytime. It is a fresh take on the old thing of armoires. Back then the thing called armoire will always be made of wood. This one designed by Alex Schulz features clear glass body all over it. One thing that could make it even better is the fact that each model will have its degrees of translucence. There are several different colors to choose as well to match different color combination in the interior décor of any room.

It was previously built as a prototype upon incorporating a spotlight into the design. Thus basically the armoire itself will look like a bold neon box with lights coming out of its body. It will strike the attention of anyone looking at it from the very first time. The frame is made of steel where the glass body panels will be mounted at the end. It comes with integrated lighting fixtures inside its body to provide the better look of it. So clearly it will not just be functional as an armoire, but it will also enhance the décor of any room where it is placed. It can even be used to display just one piece of clothing item.

Furthermore, it comes with the option of using optical foliage of faux wood or leather. That feature will deliver the accent as if it is made of wood or leather as in the original design of old times armoire. It is a creative idea to get the better of old things which will then be able to be used today. The collection of armoire within the lineup of Anytime can deliver a high level of sophistication as well as contemporaneity at the same time in any interior décor style of today.

Anytime Glass Armoire In Black White Champahne Red And Clear Glass Different Size And Shape

Anytime Glass Armoire Elegant Design Luxurious Finish Integrated Lighting Fixtures

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Anytime Glass Armoire Built In Lighting Wooden Floor White Framed Wooden Door Glass Panels Upholstered Sofa

Anytime Glass Armoire Champagne Red Integrated Lighting Fixture Clothes

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