A Former Brewery Transformed into a Chic Apartment in Scandinavian Style

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Repurposing old things to be completely different in both appeal and functional aspects is considerably common today. One of the reasons is that more and more people love to go classic and vintage in many ways. Some people may be very clever in changing old stuff into new things that look different. Well, an apartment in Stockholm is just one of many examples of such thing. It was a brewery that has been completely transformed to be a beautiful apartment. It is now having a chic style with Scandinavian touches instead of the industrial appeal of a brewery.

The idea of using Scandinavian style as the décor of this apartment is the fact that it offers a highly lovely look all over the space. Clearly that is the main attraction of this apartment aside from the high ceilings and black framed windows as the old elements out of the original building. The windows deliver a great deal of natural light that floods the timber flooring and white finished walls of the interior space. Simple style and calm color scheme can be seen there all around the furnishing of this apartment featuring various shades of grey. Moreover, the use of wood, leather and some textiles warm the space up.

The living room has a large pendant light as its large piece of the decorative statement. It creates a dramatic effect in the living room while there is a mix of textures to enjoy within the space as well. Plush velvet sofa, textured rug, and chunky knits can be seen there accentuating the décor further. Yet there are no patterns at all within the décor. One long wall in the living space houses the kitchen of this apartment. It has wooden doors and open shelving unit inside. The dining table has a dark surface accompanied by wooden bench and chairs.

Meanwhile, inside the bedroom, there is nothing but simple décor. The storage shelf is there in on the window sill which is a smart way of maximizing the use of space. It has a nursery as well with the same color scheme as the rest of the apartment. Yet it remains to be playful and fun to see. The bathroom has small tiles in light grey on the walls white the flooring incorporates larger ones. White sink in geometric shape along with oval bathtub can be seen there as well. Overall it is pretty simple but beautiful at the same time.

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White Nightstand Wood Floor Interior Radiator Large Black Framed Windows Potted Greenery White Bedding Wall Artwork Pink Accent Pillow Black Pillows Grey Blanket

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