A Cave House in Modern Décor with a Gorgeous Ocean View to Enjoy

Black Finished Front Entryway Black Door Rough Brick Walls And Pathway

Transforming a rather old building will always be the fun yet the tricky thing to do. Yet it has been proven by Pitsou Kadem Architects that it is possible to have a decent result as its latest project in an old Jaffa house. It is located just south of Tel Aviv that the newly transformed house is light-filled and pretty modern in many ways. Obviously the stunning ocean view just outside of the house is a bonus to be enjoyed alongside the beautiful décor of its interior.

It is called a modern cave by the architects that have just restored the original scale of the house itself in various volumes. Some dimly lit spaces have been illuminated better to create a visually large space by bringing daylight into the interior space easily. The ocean view is clearly one crucial aspect of the décor since it is used as the orientation of the new sightlines inside the house. Some of the existing spaces have been united to create a more functional larger space instead of small spaces. It means that the lighting of the space is considerably better as well with a more open area available for many purposes. Original dome just above the kitchen has been uncovered for better decorative accent there. Meanwhile, the new finish features concrete surface with some stone accents.

The new space that is the result of several spaces combination is left as it is without any door at all. It is intended to promote a more open area so that this old Jaffa house does not look so small anymore. Aside from the bright finish of the space, there is a specifically black tin finished space to accentuate the doorway while also hiding technical systems of the house. Overall the area is so inviting and calm at the same time within the scope of minimalist modern décor.

The architects have done a marvelous job in renewing the look of this old Jaffa house to a more modern one. Black and white in its unique contrast can surely be seen there along the way of the interior space. Even the bedroom is done in that contrasting effect of black and white. The walls are white with the black bed as the main theme of the bedroom. The transformation of this old Jaffa house by Pitsou Kadem Architects has been so inspiring in term of its new appeal all around.

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Black Finished Front Entryway Black Door Rough Brick Walls And Pathway

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