A Beautiful Kitchen Décor in Airy and Textural Characteristics

Large Planter Trees Wooden Benches White Wooden Roof Beams Potted Plants Brick Wall

The kitchen may not be an essential area for some people while it is a crucial one for the rest. Inevitably when dealing with kitchen decoration, it is necessary to pay attention to both the function of the kitchen as well as the appeal of the entire area of it. Right looking kitchen décor with the highest level of service will undoubtedly be the best to have. There is an extension that has been done by Reed Watts Architects that shows a great deal of kitchen decoration without eliminating anything in term of functionalities. In short, the kitchen looks excellent while remains highly functional at the same time.

The extension comes along with a bit of redesign in a building originated from around the period of the 1750s.The primary purpose of the expansion is to create a more peaceful area of dining close to the kitchen within the rear section of the building. Reed Watts Architects comes with a kitchenette and dining room that is slightly open and cool in the backyard of a secluded building.

Indeed the kitchen and dining space is pretty airy with a large opening as well as glass windows. It is a great way to embrace the outdoor area around it. To create an airy atmosphere inside the kitchen, most of the city is in white. The floor and the walls are all white along with some items in it. There are also cabinets in a different color to avoid boring accent of having too much white in an area. Stainless steel appliances were also added to accentuate the décor of the kitchen to be a bit eye-catchy and modern at the same time.

Instead of just playing with the colors, textures are added in several ways to bring the décor into a better overall appeal. Wooden beams on the ceiling are left exposed in their whitewashed state. There are also marble countertops as well as hexagonal tile as the backsplash of the kitchen. Brick wall comes alongside the textured matter of this kitchen decoration. The entire glazed walls can be removed to have an open area. Whenever there are more people within the region, replacing the glazed window is going to be beneficial. Evidently, despite the fact that it is just a kitchen expansion, the result is entirely impressive since it has been done correctly.

Large Planter Trees Wooden Benches White Wooden Roof Beams Potted Plants Brick Wall

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