8 Best Table Lamps in Cool Designs to Have Today

Aurora Lamp By Trueing Small Cup With Face Sculp Round Glass Shade Metal Legs Table Lamp

A table lamp is not just important as a lighting fixture but also as a decorative item. Some designs of table lamp area so unique that they could enhance the décor of the interior where they are placed. Today there are many choices to consider with only some of them considered to be the best. There is the Equilibrio made by Olivelab Studio. It features unique harmony of gravity and magnetic feature in the sleek and fresh design of the modern item. Black and white are the finishes of this lamp to emphasize darkness and light. It is made of aluminum, LED lights and sanded plexiglass diffuser. Next choice is the Welles Double-Blown lamp made by Gabriel Scott. It is a handcrafted piece with a detailed finish as a piece of art. Complex glass blowing process is needed to get the clear polished glass shade of this lamp in combination with the polished prong as its base.

Halo table lamp of Quentin Coster is another decent choice for best table lamp today. In collaboration with Christophe Genard, the Halo lamp is created in a limited edition label. It features geometric and translucent design simply influenced by a standard bulb. It simply looks awesome though. There is another decent table lamp named Ra table lamp manufactured by Nottdesign. It needs to be moved vertically to turn on the light since it will go off when placed horizontally. It looks unique with the unique mechanism to turn it on and off as well.

Loop table lamp made by Timo Niskanen resembles the shape of a loop. It is simple for sure in a seemingly rounded shape of the decorative item at a glance. It has the opal acrylic diffuser as well as LED light source to deliver just the right intensity of a table lamp. There is the one vintage inspired table lamp named Krystal made by Ctrlzak. The design incorporates traditional cathode tubes with the transparent glass finish. It has a unique touch sensor mechanism to turn on and off the hidden light source.

Next one is the so-called Aurora lamp by Trueing. It features color-changing glass that has its ability to change its look. It will deliver an effect just like Aurora on the wall and the surrounding when operated. Surely it is a cool addition to any interior décor. The last one is the Nelly lamp bt Brogliato Traverso with its white frosted mold-blown glass finish. Yet it comes in grey, violet, brown, green and blue to match different styles of interior décor.

Ra Table Lamp By Nottdesign Concrete Desk Concrete Wall Eye Catchy Brown Table Lamp Design

Aurora Lamp By Trueing Small Cup With Face Sculp Round Glass Shade Metal Legs Table Lamp

Equilibrio Lamp By Olivelab Studio Arch Frame Design Round Base Table Lamp

Nelly Lamp By Brogliatotraverso Metal Candle Holder Candles Books Large Wall Artwork Wooden Nightstand Purple Upholstered Headboard Knitted Bed Spread Pillows

Kryptal Table Lamp By Ctrlzak Golden Metal Frames Tube Style Shade Stone Base

Loop Table Lamp By Timo Niskanen Round Table Lamp Decorative Plants Magazines Black Vase White Vase White Desk

Halo Table Lamp By Quentin Coster Elegant Table Lamps In Red Blue Grey Clear Glass Body

Welles Double Blown Lamp By Gabriel Scott Golden Round Base Black Glass Shade Table Lamp

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