Wooden Tubs for Luxurious Home Spa Décor

Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tub From Matteo Thun Wooden Stool White Towel Glasses Black Faucet Wooden Flooring And Wall Covering

The application of decoration with wood materials to the interior corners of the house has been so popular over the years. It is true that wood is highly popular material that can be so helpful in creating various accents and atmosphere in any space and any décor. Even bathroom can be beautified easily by using wood especially in the form of these wooden tubs for such luxurious flair right there.

A designer named Matteo Thun delivers a really unusual soaking tub named Japanese Ofuro. It is entirely made of thoroughly dried and cut wood. The inspiration is said to be Japanese tubs which will make this piece for Rapsel Company is perfect for a kind of Zen-inspired bathroom. Next on this list is the design by France Seer named First Khis. It is made of matched and assembled hand-polished wood pieces. It is a deep type bathtub with dark finish accompanied by gold finished metal parts for a stylish and luxurious appeal like nothing else. Another decent option will be the Salish Sea by Seth Rolland featuring over 200 harvested Sapele wood pieces formed a boat shape. It is a deep one in warm feel that is sealed in epoxy layers as well as fiberglass to ensure it stays dry for a long-lasting use of it.

A sea shell-shaped tub named Ocean Shell by Bagno Sasso Mobile is going to be another decent choice of the wooden tub with a touch of luxury. It may well be the focal point of modern bathroom décor. Another option is the Beyond Classic that is a solid wooden bathtub designed by e-Legno Group of Italy. Its finest quality of the wood is finished in matte resin to protect it from wear and tear. Furthermore, there is the Shell by Nina Mair as a tub carved out of a solid aromatic walnut block. The use of CNC milling machine ensures the precision of it in its polished, refined, and hand-oiled finished product.

Another Italian company has a decent wood tub named Desiderio. It is designed to provide a great relaxation for two in its stylish and cool modern appeal. It even comes with the options of hydromassage and chromotherapy to choose. Next is the Laguna Pearl by Alegna in a compact dimension with simple installation. High-quality craft can be seen there over its natural wood appeal. Otaku wooden tub by Tal Engel has inspired by Asian boat building in creating this tub out of pressed woven veneer sheet along with steel frame. The last choice may well be the Baignoire Stone Pixel Tub by Bleu Nature. It is a perfect mix of man and nature in earthy yet artistic motif for any bathroom.

Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tub From Matteo Thun Wooden Stool White Towel Glasses Black Faucet Wooden Flooring And Wall Covering

Beyond Classic Solid Wooden Bathtub From E Legno Purple Textural Rug

Desiderio Wooden Jacuzzi For Two FromTempoperdue

Baignoire Stone Pixel Bathtub By Bleu Nature Stone Accent Finish

Shell Solid Wooden Bathtub From Nina Mair White Towel Framed Wall Artwork White Table Floating Vanity With Drawer

Otaku Wooden Tub From Tal Engel Black Finished Metal Base Frame Stainless Steel Faucet Potted Plant

Laguna Pearl Compact Wooden Tub By Alegna Stainless Steel Faucets Cream Curtains

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