Wooden Slope House with Large Tree Inside

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A house can be designed in any possible way to look unique without compromising its function at all. Thus it is true that creativity is among the key elements that should be there within any project of house designing and building. There is a unique house with lots of wood inside as well as a large tall living tree. The actual location of this house is around some mature trees in which one of them is inside. The trees are untouched so that they can be considered to be the parts of the house itself. It is a smart idea to respect the nature while also getting closer to nature at the same time.

The exact location of the house is in the middle of a dense urban setting. Thus there are trees all around it that makes the area looks so fresh and green. The idea to keep it that way along the building of the house is realized by leaving some of the trees within the scope of the house as they are. The largest tree is the one that is kept inside the house with floor and roof around it.

Meanwhile, the interior area of this house is separated into two different volumes. One of the volumes is the place for two bedrooms along with the main living area for the family. The daily routine of a family can be done in this volume. On the other hand, the other volume has a bedroom in which it serves as an office and an entertainment space. It can function as a guest house as well whenever needed. That organization of space is crucial in separating personal and professional life in one space. It means that work-related matters will not be there in the living space.

The interior décor is considerably close to nature as well since it incorporates lots of wood there. Overall it is pretty simple in which the use of wood implies traditional appeal. There are several modern touches and rustic touches as well within the interior. The wood elements deliver warm atmosphere all over the interior along with comfortable feel. A hallway and sliding doors are separating the two volumes of this unique wooden house in its slope design. There is even a covered parking and terrace area that functions as the transition space between the natural exterior space and the interior of this house.

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