Wood Slice Decor Ideas for Your Christmas

Various Simple Christmas Quotations Painted On The Wood Slices

Hello rustic lovers! Today I am gonna share the rustic wood slice. Many people prefer to have such a piece as the ornament in their dwelling and sometimes events or holiday parties. Here, I want to share some ideas of rustic decoration with Christmas theme that will rock your Christmas. Using burlap, wicker items, wood for your décor will make your Christmas unforgettable. The following topic will be some ideas of the wood slice that may inspire you. Most of these ideas are easy to be made by yourself and do not need any tutorials. You can just do it when you see it at once. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Wood Slice Ornaments

A woodlice ornament may become the most accessible and most popular décor idea. There are plenty ideas for making this. You can make it in the shape of mistletoe, trees, snowflakes, and numerous animals and letters. You can use stencils and paints to make an ornament or using the wood burning technique if you are familiar with such a method. Feel free to use all the ways that you know. Don’t be hesitate to flood it with colours to pop up your décor and fit it into your décor style. Wood slices bring a cosy, rustic touch to your space, for sure. If you want a chic and glam one, you can just add glitter or metallic shades like metallic calligraphy for example.

Wood Slice Signs

Another idea which is easy to be made but creative is wood slice signs. You just need a slice of wood which is large enough for holding letters or images. You can also make a chalkboard sign with various quotes and messages, or just make various paints. You may turn your wood slice into a cute large snowman head. Adding some elements like fur snow, wood Christmas trees, or snowflakes to you wood slice sign is a good idea because it can give a fresh touch. If you want something romantic, you may go for a large wood slice of heart and use it as a part of your décor. It will be charming.

Wood Slice Wreaths and Garlands

It is a beautiful idea for having wreaths and garlands in Christmas. Try to make a fabulous wood slice wreath and beautify it with evergreens, burlap bows, ribbons, or another thing you like. Add some herbs and leaves also to add the natural touch. Make garlands of wood slices even an excellent idea. You may go for crowns with letters or images. Maybe it is just placed to see only the sides so you can see only bark. Such a smart idea to get a natural feel.

A Burlap Bow From Slices Of Wood With Ribbon And Leaves Hung In A Mirror

Various Christmas Quotations And Pics Painted On The Wood Slices

A Simple Christmas Greet Painted On The Wood Slices With Ribbon And Leaves

Various Christmas Quotations Painted On The Wood Slices

A Cute Christmas Tree And Snowflakes Painted On The Wood Slices

A Simple Christmas Quotations Painted On The Wood Slices With Red Yarn

Various Simple Christmas Quotations Painted On The Wood Slices

A Large Snowman Head From A Slice Of Wood With Red Bells And Ribbon

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