Wonderful Neutral Palette of Crescent H House in Wyoming to Embrace Mother Nature

Stone Exterior Wall Green Grass Trees Greeneries Inviting Interior Lighting Wooden Accent Wall Rectangular Decorative Outside Pool

Embracing the nature is always a great idea when it comes to house design and its interior decoration. A lot of ways to do so as a matter of fact. Many people have their views as homeowners to bring more natural touches at home while also getting everyone in the family closer to Mother Nature. One decent example is a house named Crescent H that can be found in western Wyoming of United States of America. It was built by Architect Carney Logan Burke right on a slope alongside a beautiful combination of aspen trees and amazing sceneries of Mother Nature.

The area of the house is 604 square meters with a somewhat unique L-shape of the building. It has its rectilinear volumes arranged and organizer perfectly around its courtyard accompanied by a beautiful looking reflecting pool. There are parts of the house organized within the separate building to have more privacy and intimacy. All the way within the building processes of this home there are only cedar, glass, and stone as the materials. Well, the idea to embrace the nature is depicted on the use of stone and wood for sure. The lens has its role as extensive glazing to get unlimited sunlight and views of the Mother Nature at every moment.

Enjoyable decoration can be found inside the building of this Crescent H house. It features a well-designed fluid layout all over the area with a highly influential connection to the outside. The neutral color palette is the critical ingredient in making the interior decoration is so beautiful to look at while also very close to the nature at the same time. Earthy materials like white oak for the floor and ceiling elevates the natural aspects of this house higher. Even the interior is pretty predictable in this beautiful home.

In term of the separation of the area within the inside if the house, there are three volumes in it. First one has a master bedroom, an office, a library, a laundry room and a pilates room. The second one has a dining area alongside a kitchen and a well decorated spacious living room. Meanwhile, the third one has only a den alongside two bedrooms. Furthermore, to embrace nature, the house is equipped with operable windows as well as high-performance building lanes. So, it is possible to have a beautiful looking home both inside and outside while trying to stay close to Mother Nature at the same time, right?

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Stone Exterior Wall Green Grass Trees Greeneries Inviting Interior Lighting Wooden Accent Wall Rectangular Decorative Outside Pool

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